Best Baseball Bats 2019 – Top Rated BBCOR Bats

Best Baseball Bats ReviewedSince its inception in 1890 when Emile Kinst patented the ball-bat also called “banana bat”, the baseball bat as we know it today has undergone many design changes and has been subject to a fair number of regulations.

As you know every year brings a new collection of bats into the market and we as baseball lovers try to chase every one of them or at least the best ones. The main reason we do this is to make your life easier and to help you find the best baseball bat according to your needs and preferences.

In this article, you learn about the different types of bats, regulations that apply for every bat, top bats brands, best bbcor bats, bat care and much more.

Top Baseball Bats in 2019 – BatsGuide choices

First of all, we are not baseball gurus and we are not trying to make you buy one bat or another just for our benefit. The baseball bats list you can find below was well researched and you can dig into more useful resources at the end of this article.

BBCOR Louisville Slugger 2019 Prime 919Louisville Slugger 2019 Prime 919 (-3) 2 5/8″ BBCOR Baseball BatCheck on Amazon
Easton 2019 Project 3 Alpha BBCOREaston 2019 Project 3 Alpha BBCOR – High School/Collegiate Baseball Bat -3Check on Amazon
Easton 2019 Project 3 ADV BBCOR batEaston 2019 Project 3 ADV BBCOR – High School/Collegiate Baseball Bat -3Check on Amazon
2019 Rawlings Quatro Pro BBCOR baseball bat2019 Rawlings Quatro Pro BBCOR (-3) BB9Q3 Adult Baseball BatCheck on Amazon
2019 Rawlings 5150 Alloy BBCOR batRawlings 2019 – 5150 Alloy BBCOR (High School/Collegiate) Baseball Bat (-3)Check on Amazon
bbcor bat DeMarini 2019 CF Zen BalancedDeMarini 2019 CF Zen Balanced (-3) 2 5/8″ BBCOR Baseball BatCheck on Amazon
BBCOR DeMarini 2019 CF Zen Balanced DeMarini 2019 Voodoo Balanced (-3) 2 5/8″ Baseball BatCheck on Amazon
Marucci 2019 CAT 8 Connect BBCORMarucci 2019 CAT 8 Connect BBCOR Baseball Bat: MCBCC8Check on Amazon
AXE 2019 Avenge BBCORAXE 2019 Avenge BBCOR Baseball Bat: L140GCheck on Amazon

1. 2019 Louisville Slugger Prime 919 Bats

Some of you may wonder why not Easton MAKO bbcor bats?

Well, based on a blind test conducted by Perfect Game officials, 87% of the players preferred the Prime 915 (first in the Prime series). Since then the Prime series has been a massive hit for them and here is the lineup for 2019:

1.1. 2019 Louisville Slugger Prime 919 BBCOR Bat Review

Buy Louisville Slugger 2019 PrimeDo you know that Prime 917 was one of the 10 best baseball bats in 2017? As you’re guessing the Prime 918 was the most complete BBCOR bat in the game for 2018 and obviously one of the best drop 3 bats.

What about the Prime 919?


The Prime 919 BBCOR model comes in four different sizes: [31″/28], [32″/29], [33″/30], [34″/31] with a length of 2 5/8” and a 31/32” tapered handle.


The bat was designed for maximum pop and a lighter swing weight from a 3-piece composite which uses the MicroForm barrel design.

If you are thinking to buy this one, Prime 919 promises to be “the ultimate hitting machine” with a perfect mix of tack and cushion featuring the NEW LS Pro comfort grip. As a catcher batting forth it doesn’t matter if you are Ryan Howard or not, with this BBCOR bat you will be at your peak hitting performance for certain.

Bottom line

To sum it up what you need to know is that any player can be successful with this bat, is not too end loaded and not too balanced. It is a high-end bat and has a great, great, GREAT pop. The only downside may be the price… ?

But if high end is where you want to be then don’t think twice, this is the best BBCOR bat for you!

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: incredible pop, balanced swing weight
  • Cons: maybe too pricey for some of us

We are on the Prime 2019 lineup so let’s list the other ones coming out this year:

1.2. 2019 Louisville Slugger Prime 919 Senior League Bat

 Louisville Slugger Prime 919 Senior League BatThe Prime 919 USSSA baseball bat comes in three different drops (-5,-8,-10) and is a little cheaper than the BBCOR.
Just like the first one, this has some similar key features:

  • 3-piece composite (NEW ADV MicroForm)
  • handle 7/8”
  • NEW LS Pro comfort grip
  • more swing speed and maximum control with the new Speed Ballistic Composite (SBC)
  • patented VCX technology instead of the previous Tru3

1.3. 2019 Louisville Slugger Prime 919 USA baseball bat

Louisville Slugger Prime 919 USA Baseball BatThis one comes in different size options and you can choose from 29 to 32. It has a drop 10 length to weight ratio, features a 2 5/8” barrel and creates a unique feel for each player type with its patented VCX Technology.

The Prime 919 USA is a three-piece composite baseball bat with an advanced construction which allows independent movement between barrel and handle. It is approved for play in Dixie Youth, Cal Ripken, AABC, Babe Ruth, Pony and Little League.

Hang on, this is not all. The #1 name in baseball has more in store for us in 2019.


Here is the breakdown for all these beauties (919/ 719/ 619/ 519)

Lousiville Slugger baseball bats bats

2. 2019 Easton Project 3 Alpha BBCOR baseball bat review

Easton Project 3 Alpha BBCOR Baseball Bat ReviewThis is a one-piece aluminum bat launched in September 2018 and as they say, the most technically advanced BBCOR bat that Easton has ever launched. We must agree that the 2019 Alpha is one of the best bbcor baseball bats out there as part of the Project 3 lineup engineered by Easton Advanced Labs.

Among the updates that come with this bat a short mention would be:

  • Optimized profiles
  • Advanced materials
  • Innovative technologies
  • Longer barrel
  • Lizard Skin Grips

So, let’s go into more interesting details with this bat.

First of all the 2019 Alpha is a one-piece power balanced bat which features a -3 drop weight and a 2 5/8-inch diameter. From the new Core-Carbon technology combined with an ATAC Alloy barrel, you will get the thinnest walls in the game.

Furthermore, to push it to the limit Easton comes with a new VRSCOR handle insert which will make your life easier by giving you more control and a more solid feel at the plate. With this one you will get that natural lovely sound on impact due to the more responsive barrel enhanced with the new Speed Cap technology.

2019 Easton Project 3 Alpha VS 2018 Beast X Speed

For those of you who liked the 2018 Beast X Speed, the 2019 Alpha model seems to go beyond any previous features. The first thing you’ll notice will be the stiffness in the handle.

Did you know that this year not only Slugger grips will have that cool Lizard Skin? This year Easton has secured the contract so that you will enjoy even more control in the field.

Maybe there is a reason why elite players chose the new 2019 Easton Alpha among many top BBCOR baseball bats out there. What do you think?

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: solid feel, extremely durable
  • Cons: for those who don’t like one-pieces this is a one-piece bat…

3. 2019 Easton Project 3 ADV BBCOR bat review

2019 Easton Project 3 ADV BBCOR Bat ReviewIf you are missing that high-end BBCOR bat from Easton than look no further, here it is The NEW 2019 Easton Project 3 ADV Baseball Bat.

Again, with the Project 3 lineup, this could be the next generation Mako/Ghost… but to be honest, this new beauty is from a different league, there is no term of comparison good enough to describe what this one has in store for us.

The Power Boost knob

At first touch, you’ll notice an improvement in the connective piece and a Power Boost knob that allows for greater wrist movement, more leverage, and more comfort. As some of the players complained about the feel of the bats, Easton took a step back and listened.

Now with the New Easton Project 3 ADV you’ll get a new iSO CXN handle which promises to give a more solid feel at the plate.

Balanced or end-loaded?

This two-piece composite bat which is neither balanced nor end-loaded promises less sting and improved feel with a new design and a lighter end cap. We are not saying that you should buy it as the bat’s price talks for itself but considering the previous bats were the top in the game last year (Easton Ghost/MAKO) you should definitely try it.

2019 Easton Project 3 ADV BBCOR bat

  • 2 5/8 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • -3 Length To Weight Ratio
  • Custom LIZARD SKIN Grip
  • BBCOR Certified
  • Two-Piece, Composite Baseball Bat
  • Pro Balanced Feel (nighter balanced nor end-loaded)
  • Recommended For Both Contact Hitters & Power Hitters
  • Speed Cap
  • Power Boost Knob
  • Custom LIZARD SKIN Grip

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: it may be the best in the game this year!!
  • Cons: a little pricey for the average player

4. 2019 Rawlings Quatro Pro BBCOR baseball bat review

2019 Rawlings Quatro Pro BBCOR Baseball Bat ReviewIn one sentence the 2019 Rawlings Quatro Pro BBCOR baseball bat gives you more power and a higher swing velocity. It is no wonder why Rawlings decided to bring it back considering that the 2018 version made a huge impact in its debut season.

The “Finest in the filed

The “Finest in the filed” as they say, promises to reduce the amount of vibration upon impact due to the New Focused Flex system and it was designed in such a way that it requires less effort through the swing zone.

It is a well-balanced BBCOR bat, easy to control, it feels very smooth to the touch and another NEW feature to mention here is the Enhanced Trampoline Effect which in the end means a greater push.

Rawlings Quatro Pro BBCOR Baseball Bat:

  • BBCOR Certified
  • 2 5/8 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • -3 Length To Weight Ratio
  • Revamped Suspended Inner Barrel
  • Lightweight End Cap
  • Partial double barrel

As a conclusion, we should notice the improved design which led to a stronger performance in the field and as a downside compared to DeMarini CF Zen this one is slightly heavier.

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: a wider sweet spot, improved durability
  • Cons: a little weight added towards the end cap (due to the double barrel)

5. 2019 Rawlings 5150 BBCOR baseball bat review

2019 Rawlings 5150 BBCOR baseball bat reviewNext to our Rawlings 5150, the one BBCOR bat that you can always count on. Why is that? Well, let’s say it has delivered proven performance time and time again.

Each model from Rawlings is designed to give you larger and larger sweet spot year after year and this one makes no exception.

Perfect for a high school or a college player

An above the standard one-piece alloy baseball bat that is gonna provide a very stiff and powerful feel in the field which makes it a great option for a high school or a college player. Just like the Quatro Pro, this one is very balanced as well due to the new barrel profile and the grip tape which allows for a better control.

Rawlings 5150:

  • 2 5/8 inch diameter
  • -3 length to weight ratio
  • New barrel profile
  • pOp 2.0 technology for a larger sweet spot
  • Redesigned bat grip


As a bottom line, we may say that the 2019 Rawlings 5150 is a great choice, it is lighter than the previous models, provides a faster swing and has a fair price tag.

(i) Most of the so-called experts out there consider the Velo to be better than the 5150 and if we compare the public reviews with what other players are saying we have to admit that they might be right.

What do you think?

You can also check the 2019 Rawlings Velo BBCOR Baseball Bat here. Enjoy! 🙂

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: very balanced,  improved pop
  • Cons: bat stings when you miss-hit the ball

5. 2019 DeMarini CF Zen BBCOR bat review

2019 DeMarini CF Zen BBCOR Bat ReviewWe will start this review by throwing to you the newest feature that comes with this BBCOR bat. The reason why it should be pointed out it is not that DeMarini is our favorite bat but this one comes with the most responsive barrel performance available on the market. And that’s something to think about!

The secret of the CF Zen 2019 lies in its design

The New Paraflex+ Composite construction is responsible for the perfect response (much larger on the 2019) and therefore for that premium feel and maximum pop on contact.

Talking about cool features, if you’ve tested the bat before more than certain you have noticed the larger sweet spot on this new model. Should we say that’s a fair advantage?

Yes, it’s a high-end baseball bat and one of the best bbcor bats out there and you might think it is a bit pricey but… let’s see what other features we should list here:

DeMarini CF Zen BBCOR Baseball Bat:

  • -3 Length To Weight Ratio
  • 2 5/8 Inch Barrel
  • Two-Piece, Composite
  • BBCOR Certified
  • 3Fusion Taper
  • D-Tak Grip (perfect grip, great hand control)
  • 3Fusion End Cap (more energy goes to the bat, optimized sweet spot)
  • PARAFLEX+ COMPOSITE HANDLE (better weight distribution)
  • PARAFLEX+ COMPOSITE (the most responsive barrel)

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: much larger sweet spot, impressive looks and feel
  • Cons: some say the grip tape gets quite slippery, a bit pricey

6. 2019 DeMarini Voodoo Balanced BBCOR baseball bat review

2019 DeMarini Voodoo Balanced BBCOR baseball bat reviewIf you like to feel the ball when you hit it and you aim for the lightest swinging bbcor bat available on the market than you can’t miss with the new 2019 DeMarini Voodoo Balanced BBCOR. Let’s explain further why you should consider this beauty.

Don’t like the excessive sting of one-pieces?

Some of you out there would hate the excessive sting of one-pieces but that’s not the case with the 2019 DeMarini Voodo. This one is a two-piece hybrid which utilizes an alloy barrel and a composite handle.

So, what are the benefits of this model?

First, the bat will definitely provide a stiffer, more traditional feel on contact which translates into more performance of course. The composite handle, on the other hand, will break down the vibration thus giving you a more comfortable feel at the plate.

Little to no vibration

More than this the 3Fusion technology introduced last year by DeMarini will help reduce even more the vibrations throughout the whole body and also gives additional energy back into the barrel.

So, if you are looking for one of the best BBCOR bats that’s gonna provide some serious pop on contact then this one is just for you.

2019 DeMarini Voodoo Balanced BBCOR Baseball Bat:

  • 2 5/8 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • Two-Piece, Hybrid
  • -3 Length To Weight Ratio
  • Balanced Swing Weight
  • 3Fusion End Cap
  • D-Tak Grip
  • 3Fusion Taper
  • BBCOR Certified
  • Ultra-Premium X14 Alloy

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: has great pop, very well-balanced, big and powerful sweet spot
  • Cons: some say scratches pretty easily

DeMarini baseball bats lineup

7. 2019 Marucci CAT 8 BBCOR baseball bat review

2019 Marucci CAT 8 BBCOR Baseball Bat ReviewIf you know the CAT 7 you’ll be at home with the new 2019 Marucci CAT 8. The first thing you’ll notice will be the difference in the barrel lengths as the new bat uses 8 different thicknesses of barrel wall (CAT 7 uses 7 different levels of thickness). Same as with the 2019 Easton Project 3 ADV, this bat has a different type of knob but with the same purpose – the patented AV2 knob which helps dampen sting.

The CAT 8 promises a longer sweet spot and a better weight distribution. One of the things that remain the same with the new CAT 8 is the variable wall thickness also seen in the previous model.

Are you ready for lots of pop and an amazing sound? If the answer is yes then this BBCOR bat is for you.

Maybe there are no big differences between the CAT 7 and 8 and if you find the CAT 7 for a discount why wait? As a friendly suggestion, both of them are great options.

The single difference which we think needs to be mentioned is the improved AZ105 Alloy which allows for a higher response rate, thinner walls, and a better durability.

2019 Marucci CAT 8 BBCOR bat:

  • 2 5/8 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • -3 Length to Weight Ratio
  • One-Piece Alloy Construction
  • BBCOR Certified
  • AZ105 Alloy, The Strongest Aluminum On The Marucci Bat Line
  • Precision-Balanced Barrel
  • Micro-Perforated Soft-Touch Grip
  • Multi-Variable Wall Design

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: well balanced, better durability, larger sweet spot, zero vibration
  • Cons: some say the bat stings a little

8. 2019 Axe Avenge BBCOR baseball bat review

2019 Axe Avenge BBCOR baseball bat reviewThe last but not the least on our list is the new 2019 Axe Avenge BBCOR which by the way is legal for high school play if some of you may wonder.

Both the 2018 and 2019 models seem to be very similar but there is the need to mention that the new one has a third piece in its composite construction right between the handle and barrel called VCS Vibration-Cancelling Connection Piece.

This new piece is about balancing the bat even more thus allowing for a better swing and more control. We think that all this translates into increased performance and less vibration.

Recent measurements showed that the new 2019 Axe Avenge BBCOR seems to be the lightest swinging bat out there in the BBCOR 33/30 space. Talking about improvements the new Charged Carbon added in the composite structure of the barrel holds some of the responsibilities for which this bat is better than the previous one.

But, is safe to say that there aren’t many studies and measurements yet on this aspect. The BBCOR bat is a bit pricey and can be compared with the DeMarini’s CF Zen in terms of price, barrel length and swing weight.

2019 Axe Avenge BBCOR bat:

  • BBCOR Certified
  • 2 5/8 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • -3 Length To Weight Ratio
  • Patented Axe Handle (comfort, safety)
  • Balanced Swing Weight
  • HyperWhip Composite Cap
  • VCS Vibration-Cancelling Connection Piece
  • Charged Carbon Composite
  • Endogrid Technology (great control, less vibration)

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: nice Axe handle, outstanding design, great grip
  • Cons: maybe not the kind of pop that the CF Zen has

We hit our home run with this bat review list and hope you’ll get a clearer picture of the best bat on the market for your needs and preferences.

The real question is: Are you ready to break it in?

For those of you looking for our 2018 best picks here they are:

Best Baseball Bats 2018 – BatsGuide Choices

Louisville Slugger Solo 6182018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 (-11) USACheck on Amazon
Marucci CAT 72018 Marucci CAT 7 (-10) Senior LeagueCheck on Amazon
2018 Easton Beast X Speed BBCOR 2018 Easton Beast X Speed BBCORCheck on Amazon
2018 Easton BB17MK Mako Beast Comp 32018 Easton BB17MK Mako Beast Comp 3 BBCOR Baseball BatCheck on Amazon
Louisville Slugger MLB Prime America Wood Bat2018 Louisville Slugger MLB Prime America Wood BatCheck on Amazon
2018 DeMarini Voodoo (-10) – USA Baseball Bat2018 DeMarini Voodoo (-10) – USA Baseball BatCheck on Amazon
2018 Rawlings Velo (-12) Senior League2018 Rawlings Velo (-12) Senior League – USSSA Youth Big BarrelCheck on Amazon
2018 Louisville Slugger Prime 918 BBCOR 2018 Louisville Slugger Prime 918 BBCOR Baseball BatCheck on Amazon
Louisville Slugger Genuine Series 3X Ash Mixed2018 Louisville Slugger Genuine Series 3X Ash MixedCheck on Amazon
2018 Rawlings Raptor Alloy T-Ball Bat 2018 Rawlings Raptor Alloy T-Ball Bat (-12) – Best SellerCheck on Amazon

1. 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 (-11) USA Baseball Bat – the most popular USA bat

2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 (-11) USA review

First of all, we think it’s important to point out the extreme durability of this bat which users seemed to like the most. Its aluminum barrel has a lot of great reviews and although is not super big we think that this one justifies the bat’s price.

Second, if you are a parent, go for the drop 11 as it will fit perfectly with your kid’s preferences.

Don’t worry about the price, the 618 Solo USA is pretty accessible. We personally recommend Amazon before going elsewhere and now that the summer has ended you may see some legitimate discounts out there.

Its size ranges from 28 up to 32 and you are wondering about the bat’s weight there is a simple math trick you can do with every baseball bat.

What you should know is that the baseball bat drop is the difference between the length of the bat in inches and weight in ounces. So, how much would weight a 30 inch USA bat? You’re right: 30-11 is 19 ounces.

Now, what about the bat’s construction?

The first thing you’ll notice will be the outstanding Lizard Skin grip, and as with the 617 Solo, this bat is made of one piece aluminum barrel and features an extended composite end cap.

Louisville Slugger Solo 618:

  • USA Baseball standards
  • Speed Ballistic End Cap
  • Custom Lizard Skin
  • 1-piece SL Hyper Alloy construction

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: great value for the price, very light and a big sweet spot
  • Cons: some say it stings a little

So, do you agree that this is the most popular USA bat out there?

2. 2018 Marucci CAT 7 (-10) Senior League  – Best for younger USSSA players who need a drop 10 senior league baseball bat

2018 Marucci CAT 7 (-10) Senior League review2018 Marucci Cat 7 seems to be a great improvement over the Cat 6. First of all the Cat 7 has a new AZ4X alloy that comes with a larger sweet spot, a great feel at the plate even more balance.

Another great improvement is the AV2 second-generation knob which is designed to reduce the bat’s sting feel. The bat features a one-piece alloy barrel and a drop weight of -3. If you are a contact hitter than this baseball bat is perfect for you.

2018 Marucci CAT 7:

  • 1-piece alloy construction
  • AZ4X alloy construction
  • traditional, Stiff Feel At Impact
  • -10 Length to Weight Ratio
  • sweet Spot Twice The Size Of The CAT 6
  • 1.15 BPF USSSA Certified
  • provides premium precision & control

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: fast swing speed, extended sweet spot, anti-vibration knob
  • Cons: a little expensive, white color which can get dirty easily

3. 2018 Easton Beast X Speed BBCOR bat review – One of the best alloy designs of all-time

2018 Easton Beast X Speed BBCOR reviewSome say that this is the best BBCOR baseball bat for 2018. Some even compared it to a volcano and if you are not new to the baseball world you know that Easton has been one of the leaders in this field.


If we are talking about the construction, the ATAC alloy is super strong and one of the best out there, if not even the best, giving the bat more swing speed and obviously more weight.

So, what is ATAC in the first place?

ATAC stands for Advanced Thermal Alloy Construction and is the best aluminum barrel on the market. If that’s something that doesn’t impress you maybe the Lizard Skin grip will do.

As a bottom line, this is one of the best bbcor bats which also has one of the best alloy designs of all-time, is very comfortable can be used in college and high school.

Easton Beast X Speed BBCOR:

  • Speed one-piece atac alloy design
  • 3 length to weight ratio
  • 1.4mm HYPERSKIN grip
  • 2 5/8 inch barrel diameter

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: great swing speed, outstanding design, very powerful bat
  • Cons: we couldn’t really find any

4. 2018 Easton BB17MK Mako Beast Comp 3 BBCOR baseball bat review

2018 Easton BB17MK Mako Beast Comp 3 BBCOR Baseball Bat review

Next on our 2018 list is the Easton Mako Beast Comp 3. This baseball bat has been approved for big hitters and it’s perfect for serious players looking for the best BBCOR bat.

It has a barrel width of 25/8″ and a drop 3. The model is a fast swinging bat made with Thermal Composite Technology and we have to say that it has the longest barrel out there.

Therefore the speed is backed by the well-weighted TCT barrel. If you are a player who likes the traditional feel of one-piece bats then you won’t miss with this one. It has such a design that the energy will be well transferred from the handle to the barrel so you won’t lose any hitting power.

Who is this bat for?

The Easton BB17MK Mako Beast Comp 3 is perfect for high school players and NCAA athletes and more than this it has a very accessible price.

Easton BB17MK Mako:

  • composite handle with 1.2mm HYPERSkin grip
  • longest two-piece composite barrel
  • fastest swing weight
  • patented two-piece ConneXion technology
  • most powerful composite from Easton
  • TCT Thermo Composite

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: extended barrel length, very fast & powerful bat, easy to control
  • Cons: best for power hitters

5. 2018 Louisville Slugger MLB Prime America Wood Bat Wood Bat

2018 Louisville Slugger MLB Prime America Wood Bat reviewThe MLB Prime America Wood Bat was the most popular wood bat in the major league in the USA in 2018. There are many players and a lot of professionals who have used this bat for several reasons.

First of all, the bat is so popular because it is very well balanced and easy to swing, well constructed from a dense wood, we may say the densest wood available out there which makes it very durable.

We have to mention that there are several features associated with the C271 and MLB series but what stands out the most is the almost perfect design respected by the players around the world for its unique feel and control at the plate.

As you see, it is not just a coincidence that Louisville Slugger is the most known and respected name in the baseball world with a history of more than 130 years.

MLB Prime:

  • -3 length to weight ratio
  • EXOARMOR doubles surface hardness for better feel and superior power
  • Great durability with MLB maple wood
  • Bone rubbed
  • Natural red / white / blue finish.
  • Standard handle
  • Pro cupped end

Pros and cons

  • Pros: great overall control, perfect red/white/blue finish, very dense wood
  • Cons: we couldn’t really find any

6. 2018 DeMarini Voodoo (-10) – USA baseball bat

2018 DeMarini Voodoor eviewThis baseball bat is different from the past models of Voodoo. It is a youth bat designed with a lot of new modifications and technological advances giving hitters great confidence and power at the plate.

This two-piece hybrid bat has a 2 5/8 ” barrel featuring more thicker aluminum walls, a 100% composite handle made with the 3Fusion System which is also found in the end cap.

What this special construction does is to reduce the shock vibration, and to increase the swing speed thus optimizing the weight distribution and giving players better control overall.

Due to the maximized transfer of energy along the bat and the control and power of hitting, the 2018 DeMarini Voodoo it is for certain one of the best and respected USA baseball bat.

2018 DeMarini Voodoo:

  • One-Piece X14 Alloy™ for more precise weight distribution
  • Balanced Swing Weight
  • Legal for play in USA Baseball, Pony, Little League, Cal Ripken, Dixie, AABC, Babe Ruth
  • 3Fusion Handle – greater weight control and feel
  • 3Fusion End Cap – optimizes sweet spot and overall feel

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: has a great pop, light swing weight, improved overall control
  • Cons: usually made for contact hitters, you may not like it if you are a power hitter

7. 2018 Rawlings Velo (-12) Senior League baseball bat – USSSA Youth Big Barrel

2018 Rawlings Velo reviewThe 2018 Rawlings Velo (-12) Senior League model comes with a drop 12 length to weight ratio. It has a big barrel of 2 3/8-inch diameter equipped with Rawlings’s Composite-Light End Cap and as for the bat’s construction, this bat is made of two-piece fully composite material.

It has a very balanced swing weight which is great either you are a contact hitter or a power hitter.

The 2018 Rawlings comes with a new technology called 3-C which gives the player a Consistent Composite Compaction. With this technology what you get is more performance and more durability.

If you don’t like that sting feel when you hit the ball and you want to have more control during the play, the new Rawlings Velo comes with a perfect handle for you. With this handle, you get a synthetic grip for a more stiff and confident clutch.

Although we recommended it for contact and power hitters we have to say that maybe the first ones may benefit more from its balance and overall comfort level.

More than this you don’t have to concern about the new USA Bat standard because with this baseball bat you get all the swing you need along with the USSA certification.

If you are wondering about the bat’s pop and making a comparison between the Rawlins Velo and the Quatro with this one you’ll get an adequate pop which is not meant to cover more distance but to give you more balance and speed. So we might say it has a decent pop, but if you’re looking to hit the ball farther then we recommend the Quatro which you can check here.

2018 Rawlings Velo USSSA bat:

  • 2-Piece Composite
  • Fiber reinforced composite endcap
  • Consistent-Composite-Compaction Technology
  • Extreme balance
  • Explosive swing speed
  • Enhanced pop
  • Acoustic-Performance maximizes alloy strength

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: great vibration control, fast swing speed, very durable
  • Cons: it doesn’t really have the most pop amongst USSSA bats

8. 2018 Louisville Slugger Prime 918 BBCOR baseball bat – Maximum pop with a lighter swing weight than ever before

2018 Louisville Slugger Prime 918 BBCOR Baseball Bat – BBCOR Bat reviewThe 2018 Prime 918 has been very popular and one of the best bbcor bats for the past three years. This baseball bat is well known for its great balance and nice feel on contact.

As for its price you might say that it competes at the highest price point with other bats like Demarini CF Zen or Insane, or the Easton Mako Beast but let’s see if the Prime 918 really deserves this place.

Starting with the obvious the 2018 Prime 918 features a custom Lizard Skin handle also present with the past models and as a fresh design addition, you will see a new end cap which is pretty nice and more design focused.

Talking about design, the blue and red colors featured on the grip along with the metal shades of black and gray combined on the barrel gives this bat an impressive and outstanding look or at least this is what we think.

Some of the players out there complain about the loud impact this bat has when it hits the ball. But focusing more on performance and less on design and sound the Prime 918 has the second lowest swing weight in the 2018 line after the Solo 618.

Along with its large barrel and the low swing weight, we think that this combination will only make it very popular among high school hitters.

More on the performance side of things the bat feels very soft on impact which most composite bats do but in our research, we found that with the 918 you will get even more of that softness. If you are wondering about the sweet spot we found out that it delivers great performance even hitting with the inner or outer thirds of the barrel.

If that’s not something to think about maybe you will like the new model on which you can read more about here.

Louisville Slugger Prime 918 BBCOR baseball bat:

  • BBCOR-certified
  • 100% Composite Microform design
  • TRU3 Technology allows for independent movement between the barrel and the handle
  • Unmatched feel on contact
  • Balanced swing weight score: 1.7
  • RTX™ end cap
  • Lizard Skin™ premium performance grip

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: low swing weight, great overall performance and a solid feel
  • Cons: loud sound on impact

9. 2018 Louisville Slugger Genuine Series 3X Ash Mixed baseball bat – Great cheap wood bat

2018 Louisville Slugger Genuine Series 3X Ash Mixed reviewMaybe you’re wondering why we chose this bat in our 2018 list but isn’t there a place for cheap bats also?

Although this baseball bat is a budget option, it has many reviews and is not as bad as you might think. In our research we found that the Genuine Series 3X Ash Mixed baseball bat is perfect for practice.

It is an adult Wood bat pulled from the original production line for some minor flows which they say will not affect the bat’s overall performance.

With these small production errors, you will be able to save more on best bats which are ideal for practice or even games.

If you choose to buy this one from Amazon you’ll find the product on sale (for now) with the lowest price available on the market. As for the customer’s reviews, some say that the handle may be too thin and sometimes it will break.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a practice bat for your kid we think that this one is perfect in terms of price and performance.

As a final word and advice, this bat is a rough cut, pretty well balanced, has a nice feel to it and with a little sanding and some grip tape this may be your home run bat for a long time from now on, but you have to try not to hit that hard with it.

2018 Genuine Series 3X Ash features:

  • Natural Finish
  • Regular Finish
  • Mixed Turning Model
  • Series 3X Ash

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: great bat for the price, perfect for practice
  • Cons: maybe too light for some of you out there, not a high-end bat

10. 2018 Rawlings Raptor Alloy T-Ball Bat (-12) – Best Seller

2018 Rawlings Raptor Alloy T-Ball Bat reviewAs with the Slugger Genuine Series 3X Ash Mixed, another budget option will be the Rollings 2018 Raptor Alloy T-Ball Bat. What you will get from this beauty is the ideal balance of power and control, improved energy transfer and a lighter swing weight.

As for its design, it is really eye-catching and it will be your kid’s favorite for sure.

The 2018 Raptor is approved for use in all T-ball leagues, made from a durable alloy design for consistent performance and also has the USA baseball logo stamped on it.

So, as a final word, this baseball bat is great for your six or seven-year-old son (or even younger). He will definitely like the colors, the feel of the bat and for this price, you will get the perfect bat for your needs.

2018 Rawlings Raptor Alloy T-Ball bat:

  • Ideal balance of power and control
  • Kid-friendly design
  • USA-stamped bat
  • Durable alloy for consistent performance
  • Perimeter weighted end cap

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: best T-Ball bat, well balanced, awesome design
  • Cons: not for all ages, good for small children

FAQ and buyer's guide

FAQ and Buying Guide 2019

Now that we’ve come to an end with our best baseball bats list is time for you to learn more about baseball regulations, brands, what to look for before buying a bat, different types of bats, and some common questions which all can be viewed as a buying guide before starting your baseball venture.

Questions you need to ask and things to be aware of before deciding what bat is best for you:
[table of contents here]

Which type of bat should you choose?

1. Baseball bats

  • -BBCOR bats
  • -Youth bats
  • -Tee Ball bats
  • -Youth big barrel bats
  • -Junior big barrel bats
  • -Coach pitch bats
  • Training bats

2. Softball bats

  • -Fastpitch Softball bats
  • -Slow Pitch Softball bats

How to choose the best baseball bat

So, how do you choose the right bat for you?

  1. If you are a youth player and you are hitting baseballs or softballs that are placed on a Tee then you need a Tee-ball. Tee Balls vary from -10.5 to -14 length-to-weight ratio and have a 2 1/4-inch barrel diameter.
  2. If you’re a youth player required to use a 2 1/4-inch barrel diameter baseball bat, then Youth bats are the right choice for you. They have a -9 to -13 length-to-weight-ratio and a 2 1/4-inch barrel diameter.
  3. BBCOR bats are meant for high school and collegiate level baseball and feature a -3 length-to-weight ratio with the 2 5/8-inch barrel diameter.
  4. For coach pitch leagues and velocities not bigger than 40 mph there are Junior Big Barrel/Coach Pitch bats and they have a -9 to -12 length-to-weight ratio with a 2 3/4-inch barrel diameter.
  5. If you are youth player and you are allowed to use a big barrel diameter then Senior League/Youth Big Barrel bats are the right choice for you. They feature a -5 to -12 length-to-weight ratio and as for the barrel diameter they have either a 2 5/8-inch or a 2 3/4-inch dimension.
  6. Again if you are a youth baseball player and you need a bat which complies with the USA Bat Standard then USA Baseball bats are for you.
  7. Fastpitch Softball and Slow Pitch Softball bats are great for softball players of all ages. Both standards feature baseball bats with a 2 1/4-inch barrel diameter. Those in the first category having a -8 to -13 length to weight ratio; second category will have a -3 to -8 length to weight ratio and the most common weights for bats in this category are 26, 27, 28 and 30oz.
  8. If you are a coach then you need a bat for hitting infield or outfield, and the perfect bats for you are Fungo bats.
  9. Training bats are of course meant for training. You can find either weighted training bats, thin barrel diameter bats or one-hand trainers.

Bats certifications & stamps

Bats certifications & stamps

  • BBCOR: Bat-Ball Coefficient of Restitution.
  • USSSA: United States Specialty Sports Association.
  • USSSA BPF 1.15: Bat Performance Factor measures how fast the ball comes off of the bat. 1.15 is the standard for youth baseball bats.
  • USSSA BPF 1.20: Bat Performance Factor for Slow Pitch and Fastpitch softball governed leagues.
  • USSSA BPF 1.21: Bat Performance Factor for Slow Pitch senior softball leagues such as SSUSA.
  • ASA: Amateur Softball Association.
  • NSA: National Softball Association.
  • SSUSA: Senior Softball-USA
  • ISA: Independent Softball Association.
  • ISF: International Softball Federation.

What is the drop?

The drop or the length-to-weight ratio is a number that has a minus in front of it and the definition is the difference between the length of the bat in inches and weight in ounces.

What is the relation between me as a player and the length and weight of the bat?

First of all, we should point out that it really depends on one’s personal preferences, or on the bat speed or strengths or even hitting style but as with most of the guides out there, we have to say that the length of the bat depends on your height and weight. Below you can find a useful table which can help you choose the right length for you:

Length of the bat and the the player's height and weight table

What bat is best for my age?

  • 4 to 6: Tee ball Bats
  • 7 to 8: -12 or -10 Senior League Bats
  • 8 to 9: -9 or -8 Senior League Bats
  • 10 to 12: Use a -5 Senior League Bats
  • 13 and older: -3 BBCOR Bats

Baseball bats barrel diameter

The barrel diameter of a baseball bat may come in the following sizes and it really depends on the league that you play in:
2 1/4-inch, 2 1/2-inch, 2 5/8-inch, 2 3/4-inch.

What is the difference between bat constructions and how do I choose the best material?

  1. Let’s start with Wood Bats. With these bats you have several options but most popular are Ash, Maple, and Birch. With wood bats, you will get that classic and authentic feel and in comparison with aluminum or composite bats, they are more susceptible to breaking.
  2. If you go for Wood Composite bats you have to know that these are not natural wood bats and they do require some certification in order to be legal for play, but on the other hand, Wood Composites are more durable than genuine wood bats.
  3. Aluminum or Alloy bats are going to be at the peak performance right out of the box. They make some sort of sound on contact and they require a break-in time, but what you need to know is that the more you use them the more they are susceptible to denting after some period of time.
  4. With Composite bats, you will get a louder sound on impact and you need more time for the break-in. These are composed of glass, Kevlar fibers, Carbone and plastic resin and as with the Wood Composites, they are susceptible to cracking toward the end of their lifespan.
  5. Hybrid bats are made to reduce the handle vibration when hitting the ball and they also offer the pretty light feel at the plate.
  6. Bamboo bats are much like Wood Composites only they are made of grass and as with the Wood Composites they offer more durability and have a higher lifespan.

What is the break-in period and what should I avoid when doing this?

Baseball bat's break-in periodFor your bat to reach its maximum potential it needs to be broken in. In the process, you may need to take several swings playing soft toss or off a tee using real baseballs.

The break-in period is most common for Composite bats. We recommend rotating your bat after each swing and also take about 50 swings.

What you shouldn’t do in the process of breaking in your bat is rolling and shaving.

  1. Rolling means that you compress the bat between two rollers. This is not recommended because you can lose your warranty, it can affect the durability of your bat and you can endanger other players.
  2. In the shaving process one will remove the end-cap and shave the inside walls of the bat to make the walls thinner, but again this is not recommended and you can lose the manufacturer’s warranty, it can make the bat illegal for play and you can also endanger other players.


What is the difference between one-piece and two-piece bats?

  1. One-piece baseball bats are great for power hitters with above average swing speed and they have less flex during the swing.
  2. Two-piece bats offer more inertia and power and they are great for contact hitters. Because they are made with the handle separate from the barrel, two-pieces tend to attenuate that sting feel that you can experience with one-pieces, also these bats will offer more flex during the swing.

How do I get the most “pop” from a baseball bat and what is the difference between balanced and end-loaded bats?

Get the bat with the most pop

If we are talking about the pop you have to know that you can’t measure it and it will vary from bat to bat and also from player to player, but you have to know that the larger the barrel the larger the sweet spot will be.

Balanced bats have an evenly distributed weight throughout their entire length and are generally meant for average players with an average swing speed. On the other hand, with the end-loaded bats, you will get more power toward the end of the barrel which is best for power hitters looking to hit for the fence.

Bat care tips

You don’t know your bat is damaged if you don’t check it from time to time, so the first step would be to check your bat for any damage frequently and to limit it to individual use. For a longer lifespan, we recommend not to use your bat with temperatures below 60°F or to store it in extreme hot or cold temperature areas.

A great practice tip would be to rotate your bat one quarter turn each swing so that the power will be distributed evenly on the hitting surface.

What are the best baseball and softball bats brands out there?

Best Baseball Brands


DeMarini has been a great name in baseball for a long time as they dominate the softball and baseball space and are the most wanted among players around the world. If we were to name a brand out there with top composite and aluminum bats in baseball then DeMarini is the one to go for.


Marucci has earned their name for professional Wood bats but they also have made noticeable progress in the aluminum and composite space. With their bats, they focused more on the hitting experience and beautiful construction and with a vast history with Major League players they are also on top in the non-professional space.


Easton is another great player in the baseball world but also serious in the softball and fastpitch space. Some even say that Easton is actually the leader and that they have more sells in the world than any other brand out there. They are the best in the high school ranks and the collegiate space and they also dominate the youth league baseball space.

Louisville Slugger

With baseball bats made for Jackie Robinson and Mikey Mantle, Louisville Slugger controls a big portion of the MLB market and they have great bats in the aluminum and composite space, more than this they were the first on the scene about 100 years ago and that is something to think about.


As with the Louisville Slugger, among the oldest brands out there is Rawlings. The best players use their quality Wood bats and they also made a solid contribution to the top shelf in baseball. We don’t know for sure where they are standing in terms of sales for aluminum and composite bats but we have to say they are definitely a Top 5 brand.


Last but not least Combat Sports which is owned by Easton has made their name out there for quite some time in the single-piece composite bats field. Some even say that Combat is the leader in this particular niche.

bbcor bats faq


Now, since our 2019 bats list is mainly about BBCOR bats we think that is common sense to help you with more information and to answer some basic questions about BBCOR baseball bats.

What does BBCOR mean?

BBCOR or (Bat-Ball Coefficient of Restitution) is a standard governing body for adult baseball bats which are used in the collegiate and high school play. This standard measures the trampoline effect of the bat.

All baseball bats that are BBCOR Certified have a barrel diameter which does not exceed 2 5/8-inch and the length to weight ratio is not greater than -3. BBCOR bats are required to be -3 and you won’t find any bat that has a -5 length to weight ratio. The former standard that governed adult baseball bats was BESR or in other words, Ball Exit Speed Ratio.

What do I need to know before buying a BBCOR bat?

Before deciding on any BBCOR bat you have to ask yourself if you’re currently comfortable with the size you are using right now and if not check out the above table to make an idea about what size you should choose.

Some players are looking for more power when they are hitting and some for more control and speed, so it’s pretty hard for us to tell you which bat is perfect for you but you have to take into consideration the following aspect:

Is very important to find the bat which offers you the control you are comfortable with and that optimal performance that you are looking for at every swing.

Other things you need to know about bbcor bats or adult bats is that they all have a -3 drop, their barrel length varies from 29-inch to 35-inch, they can be made of wood or metal and they all have a barrel diameter of 2 5/8-inch.

What types of BBCOR bats are there?

Taking into consideration the bat construction there are one-peace baseball bats and two-piece baseball bats. The first ones give you a stronger, stiffer feel preferred by power hitters and they are made of the same material throughout the entire design.

The second ones are made from two separate pieces which are called barrel and handle that are bound together. The advantage of these bats, if we may call it that way, is that they offer a trampoline effect off the bat causing the barrel to flex at the point of contact.

So, if you are the type of player who doesn’t prefer that hard, sting feel when hitting and you want as little vibration as you can get then you should definitely look for two-pieces.

What materials are adult or BBCOR bats made of?

BBCOR baseball bats can be either hybrid, composites or alloy bats. Alloy bats are made from aluminum mixed with other metals to make the bat more durable and their advantage is that they have more responsive walls.

Composites are made of carbon fiber combined with graphite, fiberglass, and Kevlar and you have to know that many leagues will restrict these bats so make sure you check your league rules before deciding to buy one.

On the other hand, hybrid bats are two-piece bats in the construction of which the handle is a composite and the barrel is made from alloy. This type of design will make the bat’s handle lighter and the barrel longer compared to a traditional alloy bat.

BBCOR baseball bats can also be Wood or Composite Wood bats. Wood bats can be made from Maple, Ash, Bamboo or Birch. The difference between them is that Maple is stronger than Ash and Bamboo bats are stronger than all of them.

As for the bat control, you will get more of it with Ash baseball bats which allows for a better flex during the swing. On the other side, Maple is great for power hitters because is harder and denser. The one that comprises them both (Maple and Ash) is Birch, which has a way to earn flexibility much like the Ash and also the hardness of Maple.

Is there any difference between this year’s line of BBCOR bats and those from previous years?

There’s not much difference between the baseball bats in 2019 and those from the past but what is there to mention is that with every year baseball brands become better and better at what they do.  The most popular brands always try to come with something new, with some sort of improvement or technology change that will allow them to put the best of the best on the market.

If you check the list above you will certainly be able to make an idea about the best BBCOR bats of this year and those from 2018.

The fact is that is almost obvious that a certain production line of BBCOR baseball bats that were successful in the previous years will be successful in the future if not even better.

How do I find the best BBCOR bat with the most pop?

If you’re looking to buy a baseball bat that has a great pop, then you’re looking for a high-end bat and there’s no compromise you can make. From our research, we found that the best bats tend to have the most pop.


So, if you are looking for a high-end bat then maybe the 2019 Louisville Slugger Prime 919 bbcor bat is the one for you, or 2019 Marucci CAT 8 and why not the  2019 Easton Project 3 Alpha BBCOR. If you are looking for a good bat then you can go as well for the 2019 Axe Avenge BBCOR Baseball Bat.

As a bottom line is up to your preferences to find the best baseball bat that fits your needs and which also has that great pop you want.

Baseball bats conclusion