Best Fastpitch Softball Bats – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Fastpitch Softball BatsWe are back in the game with another review article on the best fastpitch softball bats out there. This might not be the best list you will find on the Internet but we assure you that we’ve put tremendous work in this article to give you quality information before you go out there and buy your fastpitch softball bat.

We’ve chosen bats for every budget and we would like to think that you will find the bat of your choice with our help.

Without further ado let’s proceed in reviewing the best fastpitch softball bats you can find on the market today, from the cheaper ones to the more expensive ones for professionals.

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Bats Name Price
Easton Women's Ghost Double Barrel fastpitch review Easton Women’s Ghost Double Barrel fastpitch softball bat Check on Amazon
Louisville Slugger PXT Louisville Slugger PXT fastpitch softball bat Check on Amazon
Louisville Slugger XENO Louisville Slugger XENO -11 fastpitch softball bat Check on Amazon
DeMarini CFX DeMarini CFX -10 fastpitch softball bat Check on Amazon
2018 Axe Element 2018 Axe Element -12 2 1/4″ fastpitch softball bat Check on Amazon
2018 Anderson RockeTech 2018 Anderson RockeTech -9 2 1/4″ fastpitch softball bat Check on Amazon
Mizuno Silhouette fastpitch Mizuno Silhouette fastpitch softball bat Check on Amazon
Louisville Slugger LXT Louisville Slugger LXT -9 fastpitch softball bat Check on Amazon
Easton Stealth Flex Easton Stealth Flex -10 fastpitch softball bat Check on Amazon
DeMarini Bustos fastpitch DeMarini Bustos fastpitch softball bat (-13) Check on Amazon
Easton FS400 Easton FS400 -12 2 1/4″ fastpitch softball bat Check on Amazon

1. Easton Women’s Ghost Double 10 Barrel – Best fastpitch softball bat in the game

Easton Women's Ghost Double Barrel fastpitch softball bat reviewWe will start our reviews with the Easton Ghost series and we will not go for every bat from them but for the best one out there in the softball field which is the Easton Woman’s Ghost double barrel.

This one has a great name behind it and a great history. It is the successor of the Easton Mako and is the one that you will fall in love with from the first touch. What you will get with this bat is a certain hot out of the wrapper performance that you can rely on. It features a revolutionary double barrel design made from a composite material called Extra Tough Resin Matrix (XTX) which is also found in the handle for premium durability.

The Easton Ghost fully composite softball bat has been redesigned for an exceptional feel and unbelievable comfort with the new Connexion+ technology and the?1.2 mm Hyperskin hex grip. But what the new technology will do is to eliminate the vibration in the hands and to give you the control you want at the plate.

Easton Ghost features a thin 29/32-inch handle and as we said before you will definitely enjoy its comfort and feel mostly if you are a power hitter. Nevertheless, if you are a smaller hitter you will also enjoy the connection piece and the sound this bat has.

Before you go and buy this bat, you have to know that the 2019 version of the ghost double barrel is a USSSA/NSA certified bat and if you looking for a High School/ASA/NCAA league softball bat you can buy the 2018 version of the bat. We think that the only one that can compare with this fastpitch softball bat is the Louisville Slugger PXT.

  • Pros: great pop on contact, easy to control, an awesome sound on impact
  • Cons: for power hitters, pricey

2. Louisville Slugger PXT fastpitch softball bat – Great for power hitters

Louisville Slugger PXT -10 fastpitch softball bat reviewAs we said previously the one bat that can be compared to Easton Woman’s Ghost Double Barrel is the Louisville Slugger PXT fastpitch softball bat.

They both seem to feel almost the same and also have the shortest barrel of their class but the price is not that identical. The PXT is a little bit expensive but nevertheless offers a great performance, comfort and feel time and time again. The Louisville Slugger also comes in a drop 9 and 10 but the barrel construction is a bit different.

The PXT comes with the PWR STAX composite barrel technology which is well known for the consistent performance and the maximum pop it delivers. Some argue that this might be the most advanced fastpitch softball bat and thus the best one in the game. Although the softball bat is not hot out of the wrapper once you break it in you can’t stop it.

It has a power balanced swing weight, like those from Louisville Slugger say, which means it does have an overall balanced swing weight but it’s more end loaded then let’s say the Xeno and the LXT which are also great bats that you can check here (Xeno and LXT).

As a conclusion, we think we found our best fastpitch softball bat in the game but this is just our choice and it really depends on your preferences and your type of player so we encourage you to check our other bats below.

  • Pros: great for power hitters, great design, outstanding power and control
  • Cons: not for smaller hitters, takes some time to break it in

3. Louisville Slugger XENO – A power heavy fastpitch softball bat

Louisville Slugger XENO -11 fastpitch softball bat reviewAfter the Slugger PXT and the Easton Ghost comes our Louisville Slugger Xeno which is a top 3 in our list not because it comes from a big brand but for its performance.

Let’s elaborate on that.

The Louisville Slugger Xeno 100% composite fastpitch softball bat features an S1ID Barrel Technology, it is approved for play in USSA, ASA, NSA, ISA, ISF and comes in different sizes from -8 to -11.

The first thing you’ll notice with this bat is the stiffness in the handle especially if you compare it with the LXT, which makes it a favorite among stronger hitters. It features an X-Cap which is an ultra-lightweight technology giving the player a better swing speed and great durability. This technology comes with the 2018 and also with the 2019 model.

If we are talking about the newer model, the Xeno is made for more advanced players who like the stiffness in their hands and also prefer the two-piece composite bats. Nevertheless, with this one you will get an improved sweet spot length and a greater barrel durability.

More than this of you looking for a lot of pop out of the wrapper you can’t miss with this one, but if you don’t like power heavy bats the Louisville Slugger Xeno is not the one for you.

  • Pros: great feel, great look, great pop right out of the wrapper
  • Cons: better for power hitters, heavy

4. DeMarini CFX -10 fastpitch softball bat Game-changing innovative technology

DeMarini CFX -10 fastpitch softball bat reviewIn one sentence with the DeMarini CFX fastpitch bat you will get a monster right out of the wrapper.

This is the 10th model of the famous CF series, made to dominate the fastpitch softball world and featuring game-changing innovative technology. With this one you will see no break-in time and an insane pop. The most popular bat in the 2018 DeMarini lineup, fully composite two-piece softball bat has the lightest swing weight and is the best performing bat up to date.

Why this baseball bat is not the first one in our list you will never know, but let’s say we have to choose bats for everybody and not the best ones and the most expensive ones just for our benefit.

Back to our review, the beautifully designed DeMarini CFX comes with the new technology called 3-Fusion Technology System along with the 3-Fusion End Cap made to accommodate the sting feel in the hands, to optimize the bat’s weight and overall to enhance the durability and the performance of the bat.

So if you are a player that takes the game seriously and that has the chance to swing this fastpitch softball bat you will definitely buy it either new or already used. Because one thing is for sure – DeMarini is a great name in softball if not the greatest and is committed to improving its technology year after year and to deliver great fastpitch softball bats for professionals.

  • Pros: insane pop, hot right out of the wrapper, great sweet spot
  • Cons: a little pricey

5. 2018 Axe Element -12 2 1/4″ fastpitch softball bat Premium Mantic Alloy Barrel

2018 Axe Element -12 2 1/4" fastpitch softball bat reviewThe Axe Element fastpitch softball bat is a one-piece alloy construction, well-balanced with improved speed and power that comes at a reasonable price.

With this one you will experience greater durability for the lifetime of the bat with its Premium Mantic Alloy Barrel. Also what you will notice after the first few swings is the explosive pop it delivers.

With the Axe Element you will never need to rotate the bat for durability as the hitting zone was designed for maximum performance and strength the entire 270 contact area. You will also experience faster swings and an overall lighter swing weight due to the HyperWhip End Cap. The superior patented Axe Handle was designed for the best swings, maximizing the bat speed and improving the barrel control for a more consistent and powerful contact.

The Axe Element fastpitch softball bat is not one of those cheap bats that will crack after a few swings but the budget option for all types of players. It doesn’t have the greatest pop out there, nor it can be compared with other high-end softball bats, but will definitely help you build the proper mechanics for the game. This bat will give you the confidence you need at the plate and we recommend it with our hearts wide open.

*It is also approved for play by ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, ISF, NCAA, and NFHS.

  • Pros: balanced swing, improved bat speed, distributed weight
  • Cons: some complain about the grip
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6. 2018 Anderson RockeTech -9 2 1/4″ Another budget fastpitch softball bat

2018 Anderson RockeTech -9 2 1/4" fastpitch softball bat reviewDon’t like the Axe Element? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered with another budget fastpitch softball bat in the game.

Although it may be a little more expensive than the previous one, the 2018 Anderson Rocketech comes with a little more features and maybe some more benefits that we would like to talk about.

First of all this hot out of the wrapper softball bat has a 2 1/4-inch barrel diameter, it is end loaded and approved by all major Softball Associations like ASA, USSSA, NCAA, NSA, and ISA.

As they say, this is a high-quality fastpitch softball bat which comes at a lower price than most of the competitors. But rest assured, even though you might think you won’t get much of a performance for this price the 2018 Anderson Rocketech is on this list to prove us wrong.

It’s secret lies in the construction. You don’t have to worry about cracking it as long as its Aerospace Alloy is considered to be a power arch technology which makes this multi-wall softball bat one of the most durable bats on the market. So if you want an all season bat don’t think twice especially if you’re on a budget.

Further about control and comfort, the 2018 Anderson Rocketech comes with a FLEX CAP to reduce vibration, a soft and durable grip, and a tough but very comfortable knob. So, if you are a power hitter you will definitely love this one and it might be your best fastpitch softball bat for the price.

  • Pros: more durable than previous versions, light swing weight, ergonomic knob
  • Cons: more for power hitters, might be a little heavy at -9

7. Mizuno 2018 Silhouette fastpitch softball bat review For younger players

Mizuno Silhouette fastpitch softball bat reviewFor younger players out there we’ve got you covered with one of the best fastpitch softball bats in the game. With this double wall bat you will get one of the biggest sweet spots in the business and of course an outstanding pop. For us it is not a surprise that the softball legend Jenny Finch partnered with Mizuno. After all, they deliver great quality year after year and innovative designs for all players.

This one-piece fastpitch softball bat promises a stiff feel on contact due to its Black Onyx Carbon Composite combined with an optimized end cap and a cylinder seaming for more durability and a larger sweet spot. Don’t worry about the feedback, any unwanted vibration will be tempered by the Anti-Shock construction in the taper.

If you want more insights on the barrel you have to know that this one is labeled as the X-Zone barrel. What that means is a larger hitting surface which allows more power and consistent performance during each swing. So if you want to increase your speed with a balanced lightweight fastpitch softball bat go ahead and give it a try and keep in mind that it’s approved for play in ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, and ISF.

  • Pros: great design, lightweight balanced feel, great pop out of the box
  • Cons: not the first choice for power hitters

8. 2019 Louisville Slugger LXT – For serious professional players

Louisville Slugger LXT -9 fastpitch softball bat reviewAnother softball bat on our list is the 2019 Louisville Slugger LXT, which might not be the cheapest one you can get but more of a high-end fastpitch softball bat which also has the performance to justify its price.

The LXT is made for serious professional players out there looking for speed, power and a lighter swing. Comparing it to the 2018 version this one comes with an upgraded connection piece called VCX which lets the barrel move independently from the handle and which also brings more durability overall. Other than this we couldn’t really find many differences between the two so we have to say they both are great choices.

If you’re familiar with the CF Zen then this one has almost the same swing and uses similar construction for a smooth feel at the plate and great control on mishits. More than this we have to say that the 2019 LXT has a more robust sizing and comes in different drops from 8 to 12. As you know from our PXT review this one is a little lighter even than the Slugger Xeno, so we assume that the 2019 Louisville Slugger LXT is the lightest swinging bat in their lineup.

Among other features, the patented PBF Barrel Technology allows for an extended sweet spot and maximum pop from the first hit you’ll take to the last one. If you are wondering about control and comfort the new LS Pro comfort grip comes into play featuring the perfect blend of tack and comfort to give you all the confidence you need with every swing.

So if you choose this beautiful one keep in mind that is not USA certified and if you are looking for a cheap bat it might not be the best fastpitch softball bat for you.

  • Pros: awesome pop and sound on contact, great control, better durability, increased swing speed
  • Cons: a little pricey

9. 2018 Easton Stealth Flex -10 fastpitch bat – At the edge of legality

Easton Stealth Flex -10 fastpitch softball bat reviewAnother budget option which is not the cheapest but also not the most expensive one on the market is a 2018 Easton Stealth Flex. An evenly balanced fastpitch softball bat which promises more pop and a faster swing speed than the previous model.

The two-piece Thermo Composite Technology (TCT) allows for little vibration and sting which of course translates into more performance combined with the more flexible barrel design that makes every hit faster and more powerful. The ultra-thin handle provides great control through the hitting zone along with its 1.2 mm Hyperskin grip.

This one-piece aluminum fastpitch softball bat is great for younger players looking for more power at the plate. With the flexible barrel at the edge of legality, you won’t need any break-in period with the 2019 Easton Stealth Flex. Compared with the bats from this category this one might feel a little end loaded for smaller players but also balanced enough for stronger hitters that want a great-looking bat along with an amazing pop.

  • Pros: awesome pop, balanced swing weight, massive sweet spot, great speed
  • Cons: it might feel a little heavy for your daughter, so make sure you check the measurements first

10. 2019 DeMarini Bustos – Great for entry-level players

DeMarini Bustos fastpitch softball bat reviewA great bat for the 2019 season and perfect for the entry-level fastpitch player is the 2019 DeMarini Bustos -13. Not only great for smaller hitters due to its lighter swing weight but also accessible in terms of price.

The drop 3 2019 DeMarini Bustos comes with a 2 1/4-inch barrel diameter and is pretty lightweight in its category for a two-piece construction. So if you are a bigger hitter you’d want to look elsewhere as this one might not be the best fastpitch softball bat for you.

The 2019 model is a two-piece hybrid bat with an aluminum barrel and a composite handle designed to give the player as much speed as possible. The technology used for the barrel is called DX1 which along with the Dolphin Design allows for an evenly distributed weight and improved bat control through the hitting zone.

  • Pros: great pop, accessible price, more speed
  • Cons: not for bigger hitters, don’t hit a regular baseball or the bat will dent

11. Easton FS400 -12 2 1/4″ fastpitch softball bat -7050 aircraft-grade aluminum

Easton FS400 -12 2 1/4" fastpitch softball bat reviewLast but not least on our review list is the Easton FS400 fastpitch softball bat. A bat made from 7050 aircraft-grade aluminum which is a strong material which allows for powerful hits and lighter swing weight.

With the Easton FS400 what you will get is a great softball bat ready for the game right out of the box, made of one-piece aluminum alloy construction which requires no break-in period.

Although it has a very accessible price this bat offers a lovely traditional feel and a great feedback along with a premium durability and a decent pop at the plate.

The bat comes with an ultra-thin handle of 29/32-inch diameter which gives an unmatched feel on contact and a lightweight drop. It has the following certifications: ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, SSUSA, ISF 1.20 BPF and is designed for both speed and power hitters.

If you don’t really need a composite bat and if your league is using soft dots then the Easton FS400 will be just perfect for you. Our verdict is that this model from Easton is pretty decent overall. It doesn’t have the hugest sweet spot out there but you will definitely like the feel and the balance it has, just enough to give you the confidence needed with every hit.

If you don’t like this one you might as well go for the Mizuno Finch Jennie fastpitch softball found at Amazon here.

  • Pros: accessible price, great feel and balance
  • Cons: not the best pop, it will break with a regular baseball

Fastpitch softball bats guide

Fastpitch softball bats guide & FAQs

What you should know about fastpitch softball bats

They have a 2 1/4-inch barrel diameter, a drop (which is the length to weight ratio) between -8 and -13 and they are also to be used in fastpitch leagues by female and sometimes male players. As for the materials they are made of you can find aluminum bats, composite and half-and-half softball bats.

What is the best fastpitch softball bat on the market?

To answer your question first you need to know how to select the best fastpitch softball bat, and we will talk for sure about this in the next paragraph. The short answer would be that the 2018 DeMarini CFX -10 would be a great option if you have the budget for it, or the 2018 Easton Ghost Double Barrel, or the 2018 Louisville Slugger Xeno which we reviewed earlier in this article.

How do I select the best fastpitch softball bat for me?

The first thing you should know before selecting your bat is that length and weight are two important factors. Then, if you put length and weight out of the way then it all comes down to personal preferenced, hitting mechanics or strength.

Here on were trying to do our best in order to help you find the best bat for your needs so below you will find a table that will help you choose your bat depending on your height and weight.

Fastpitch Softball bats sizing guide

To use this table find your height across the top and the weight on the left side of the table and look where those two intersect. This way you will be able to find the right length in inches recommended for your fastpitch bat.

What weight should my fastpitch softball bat have for me?

This is a really tough question to answer and the best way to determine the perfect weight for you is to go out and try a few bats, ask your teammates or your friends to test their bats and see if you like the weight and overall feel.

Although design an aspect plays an important role in choosing the best fastpitch softball bat we encourage you to put performance and durability first whenever you can.

What material should I choose for my fastpitch softball bat?

Before we answer this question you have to know that there are one-piece softball bats and two-piece softball bats. The one-pieces are stronger and stiffer on contact and are preferred by powerful hitters that want as little flex as possible.

The two pieces have the handle separate from the barrel, bound together with some sort of connection and allows for a trampoline effect off the barrel on contact.

Regarding the materials, they are made of there are alloy, composite, hybrid softball bats. Alloy fastpitch softball bats are usually a one-piece design and have thinner and more responsive barrel walls.

On the other hand, composite bats are made of graphite, fiberglass, carbon fiber and sometimes Kevlar.

Hybrid softball bats are two-piece bats namely barrel and handle, the barrel is alloy and the handle is made from composite. This construction allows for a longer barrel and a lighter handle.

When choosing your bat you have two main options and those are aluminum and composite. Comparing these two materials one thing is certain and that is the composite ones are far superior, provide more pop and durability in comparison to aluminum softball bats. But we all know the general rule – it really depends on your preferences and of course your league restrictions.

What rules and regulations apply to fastpitch softball bats?

As a general rule, all fastpitch softball bats should have a 34-inch in length or less, a 2 1/4-inch barrel diameter and 31 1/2oz in weight.

USSSA approved fastpitch bats may not exceed a BPF (Bat Performance Factor) of 1.20, can be made from aluminum or other metals, and even composite or wood and they can be one or two-piece bats.

The ASA fastpitch softball bats marked with the ASA Certified 2004 stamp can be made from aluminum or other metals, wood, graphite, fiberglass or composite material. They should not exceed the 98 mph ball speed standard and they can be made from one or multiple pieces.

How do I take care of my fastpitch softball bat?

In order to keep your bat safe you need to pay attention to the break-in period, the temperatures, the types of balls you practice with and the way you practice.

  1. The first rule would be to avoid using your bat with temperatures below 55?F regardless of the materials it is made of.
  2. If you have a composite fastpitch softball bat make sure you allow the time to break it in and give it around 150 to 200 swings before you take it to the next level.
  3. Rotate the bat on every swing and increase the power gradually to make the most of your break-in period.
  4. Wood bats should be swung with the label facing toward you otherwise you’ll get a prematurely broken bat.
  5. Don’t push the limits of your softball bat with multiple players and limit it to single?player use.
  6. Do not use regular baseball or dimpled balls when you practice as they can damage your bat.