Best Slowpitch Softball Bats – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best slowpitch batAfter long hours of research and reviews from various customers of all ages and also from professional players, we found out what is the best slowpitch softball bat in the game right now.

We have no doubt about the DC-41 from Miken, which is the best overall softball bat and we are going to review the USSSA model and also the ASA one.

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Bats Name Price
Miken DC-41 Supermax USSSA Miken DC-41 Supermax Denny Crine USSSA Check on Amazon
Miken DC-41 Supermax ASA Miken DC-41 Supermax Denny Crine ASA Check on Amazon
Easton ASA Hammer slowpitch Easton ASA Hammer slowpitch softball bat Check on Amazon
Miken Freak USA Supermax Miken Freak USA Supermax ASA MBBF4A slowpitch softball bat Check on Amazon
DeMarini Flipper OG ASA DeMarini Flipper OG ASA slowpitch bat Check on Amazon
Easton Ronin 1 Piece USSSA/ASA Dual slowpitch softball bat Easton Ronin ASA/USSSA 1-Piece Check on Amazon
Easton Ghost Double Barrel ASA slowpitch Easton Ghost Double Barrel ASA slowpitch bat Check on Amazon
Miken Izzy Psycho Supermax USSSA slowpitch softball bat Miken Power Hitter?s Psycho SuperMax Check on Amazon
DeMarini ONE OG slowpitch DeMarini ONE OG slowpitch softball bat Check on Amazon
DeMarini 2018 Steel ASA/USSSA DeMarini 2018 Steel ASA/USSSA slowpitch?softball bat Check on Amazon
Louisville Slugger Solo Z 16 Louisville Slugger Solo Z 16 USSSA Power Load slowpitch bat Check on Amazon

Page Contents:

1. Miken DC-41 Supermax Denny Crine Signature Model slowpitch softball bat

1.1 2018 Miken DC-41 SuperMax ASA

Miken DC-41 Supermax Denny Crine ASA reviewThe ASA model was designed to crash lower compression 52 core softballs and has a premium pop providing great distances when hitting the sweet spot. Besides the impressive performance of this bat, you can enjoy on eye-catching design combined with an elite innovation.

The 2018 Miken DC-41 SuperMax ASA slowpitch softball bat is a three-piece, 100% composite construction, and utilizes an innovating tetra-core technology made of 100 COMP premium aerospace grade fibers. Don’t worry about the bat’s drop as this one comes in multiple drop weights to satisfy every serious player.

So if you compare yourself to Denny C. than the Miken DC-41 SuperMax ASA is just for you and rest assured this is the best in the game slowpitch softball bat that you can choose.


  • Three-Piece Composite
  • 14 Inch Barrel Length
  • 2 1/4 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • Approved For ASA ONLY
  • SuperMax Full Ounce End Load Provides Maximum Power
  • Flex 2 Power (F2P) Technology
  • Tetra-Core Technology Increases Sweet Spot Size & Durability
  • 100 COMP Utilizes 100% Premium Aerospace Grade Fibers
  • For Lower Compression, 52 COR Softballs

1.2 2018 Miken DC-41 SuperMax USSSA

Miken DC-41 Supermax Denny Crine USSSA reviewThe USSSA model is not that different from the previous one but they have their own distinct features.

The Miken SuperMax USSSA is a two-piece 100% composite construction and it weights from 26 to 30 ounces.

With this one you will also get a SuperMax full ounce end load for maximum power, unbeatable durability, and the Flex 2 Power technology which enhances the flex and the swing speed of the bat.

If you don’t like the bright orange on the bat think twice and make sure you will try this bat before going elsewhere.


  • Two-Piece, Composite
  • 14 Inch Barrel Length
  • 2 1/4 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • Approved For USSSA, NSA, & ISA
  • Flex 2 Power (F2P) Technology
  • Revolutionary 100 COMP
  • Triple Matrix Core +

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: great pop, little to no vibration, strong construction
  • Cons: some don’t like the graphics

2. Easton ASA/USSSA Hammer -6 – Best slowpitch softball bat for the price

Easton ASA Hammer slowpitch softball bat reviewEaston Hammer slowpitch softball bat has a well-balanced 12-inch barrel which is made 100% from durable aluminum alloy. It is a one-piece construction and has a stiff feel on impact with maximum pop on every swing. What you will get with this one is a dual stamp slowpitch softball bat with a fast swing speed and weight control given by the All Sports bat grip.

It has an ultra-thin handle and provides players with both power and control. Some may not hit a million miles with it but when touching the sweet spot you’ll get great distances and a pretty solid performance at a very low price.

All in all, we think this is a great budget option for softball players, for practice and especially for your kids.


  • 12″ Barrel Length
  • 2 1/4″ Barrel Diameter
  • 1-Piece Bat
  • Aluminum Alloy Design
  • Rolled End
  • Balanced Swing Weight
  • Ultra-Thin Handle
  • Approved for ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, ISF

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: solid bat, great feel, great for kids
  • Cons: some complain about the sound of the bat

3. Miken Freak USA Supermax ASA MBBF4A – Tetra-Core blast

Miken Freak USA Supermax ASA MBBF4A slowpitch softball bat reviewNeed a high-end slowpitch softball bat?

Look no further, the Miken Freak USA SuperMax ASA is here with innovative technologies and a one-of-a-kind model.

The first thing worth talking about is the Tetra Core technology which gives an extreme durability to the bat and an exceptional responsiveness on the ball. The combination between the inner tube, which increases compression, and the outer core used for improved flex will help you enjoy a great hit on the sweet spot.

More than this the Sensi-Flex Technology will eliminate all the negative sting in the hands and will help transfer the energy from the handle to the barrel thus increasing the swing speed.

The Miken Freak USA SuperMax is here to stay for 2019 also. Although if you find the previous model on a discount we encourage you to go for it as this is a Numbered Limited Edition.

If we are talking about the price we think that this one definitely deserves its place in terms of performance and quality. Before going elsewhere you should check on Amazon first as you may find it at a lower price.


  • 2 1/4-Inch Barrel Diameter
  • 14 Inch Barrel Length
  • Premium Aerospace Grade Composite Fibers
  • Unbeatable Durability
  • SuperMax One Ounce End Load
  • Four-Piece, Composite Softball Bat
  • Sensi-Flex Technology
  • Tetra-Core Technology
  • Approved For Play In ASA

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: great sweet spot along the entire barrel, awesome feel, great flex
  • Cons: may require some break-in period

4. DeMarini Flipper OG ASA slowpitch bat – Divergence Technology

DeMarini Flipper OG ASA slowpitch bat reviewDesigned to crash the 52/300 balls, the DeMarini Flipper OG is a game-changing slowpitch softball bat featuring Divergence Technology for an improved sweet spot, and a two-piece balanced construction for increased durability and less flex when hitting.

It has a 100% composite barrel and a handle made from ZnX alloy which can make a difference in the right hands in terms of performance, comfort and feel.

The Flipper OG features a standard 2 1/4-inch barrel diameter and a 13-inch barrel length. The RCK knob provides great comfort in the bottom hand and the end cap is designed in such a way that it drives the energy back in the barrel right into the sweet spot.

This version of the bat is almost the same as those from previous years and our conclusion is that the DeMarini Flipper OG ASA slowpitch softball bat is a fairly balanced and slightly end loaded bat.


  • 2 1/4 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • 13-inch Divergence Barrel
  • Two-Piece, Hybrid Softball Bat
  • ZnX Alloy Handle
  • Dish End Cap
  • Traditional RCK Knob
  • Certified for ASA Play

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: huge sweet spot, hot out of the wrapper, breaks in fast
  • Cons: end loaded

5. Easton Ronin ASA/USSSA 1-Piece – Best slowpitch softball bat value/price

Easton Ronin 1 Piece softball bat reviewWith the Easton Ronin ASA/USSSA we took a step back and tried to analyze some of the core features and realized that this slowpitch bat offers decent performance and overall great value for its price.

It features an evenly balanced barrel and is made of 100% IMX composite. You don’t have to worry about the weather or the big bombs as this dual stamp slowpitch softball bat will take care of both.

It really does provide a fast swing speed and a great control for its price range and also it’s pretty durable. It features a two-piece CXN Zero Technology to eliminate vibration in the hands and redirects the energy back in the barrel thus increasing the trampoline effect. So, when I said big bombs I really meant it.

It is not end loaded, more of a balanced bat, with a 13.5-inch barrel length, 21/4 barrel diameter and a 29/32 inch tempered handle. If we are going to give the verdict for this one we have to say that this is the best slowpitch value bat you can find on the market today.


  • 1.2mm HYPERSKIN Grip
  • 29/32 Inch Handle
  • 2 1/4 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • 12.00 Inch Barrel Length
  • Evenly Balanced
  • Dual Stamp
  • Stiff Feel
  • Approved For ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, & ISF

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: big sweet spot, short break-in period, lots of flex, the best in its price category
  • Cons: some don’t like the stock grip

6. Easton Ghost Double Barrel ASA slowpitch bat – Insane pop and outstanding sweet spot

Easton Ghost Double Barrel ASA slowpitch bat reviewThe Easton Ghost Double Barrel features a 2 1/4 inch barrel diameter and a barrel length of 13.5 inches. It is approved for ASA and ISF and has a lot in store for us so let’s dive in.

Just as the other slowpitch softball bats made by Easton this one is also engineered to provide the best performance in the industry. The Easton Ghost Double Barrel is built to last, featuring an inner and outer barrel optimized for soft ASA softballs and delivers the lowest allowable certified compression at 750 PSI.

If you’re looking for that slowpitch bat with an insane pop and outstanding sweet spot for an accessible price you can’t miss with this one.

You will hit the ball farther than with any other ASA bat out there and you will enjoy an extremely durable construction made with Xtra Tough Resin Matrix or XTX.

This innovative technology also guarantees great sound on impact at every swing, and less sting in the hands with the help of tried-and-true ConneXion+ technology.

Before checking this softball bat,?keep in mind that isn’t end loaded and has an evenly balanced swing which will increase the speed.

So if you are a homerun hitter you will reach solid line drives with this model and you will definitely enjoy its large sweet spot and power.


  • 2 1/4 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • 13.50 Inch Barrel Length
  • Balanced Swing Weight
  • XTX Composite
  • Two-Piece, Composite
  • 750 Compression
  • Approved ASA & ISF

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: large sweet spot, well balanced, great sound on impact, great pop
  • Cons: couldn’t find any

7. Miken Izzy Psycho Supermax USSSA Bat – Best slowpitch softball for power hitters

Miken Izzy Psycho Supermax softball bat reviewIf you’re not on a tight budget and you need a high-end bat to show off at the plate go ahead and check this one: Miken Psycho SuperMax USSSA slowpitch softball bat.

This game-changing end-loaded bomb is designed with 100 COMP for the best performance and durability in the game, specially made for power hitters. It features a 14.5-inch barrel length and the 2 1/4 inch barrel diameter.

Talking about the construction and technology of the bat, the 750 HPI High-Pressure Infusion injects ultra-tough epoxy into aerospace carbon fiber which makes the bat very strong and promises a longer lifespan.

Is not much left for us to say about the Miken Psycho SuperMax not because we couldn’t find relevant information about it but because we can’t really find any downside or any cons. So, we strongly believe that if you are power hitter you should go at least and try this one.

It may not be very hot right of the wrapper but with a few swings you’re going to reach great distances without much effort, and in the end you will be proud of your investment.


  • 2 1/4 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • One-Piece Composite
  • SuperMax End Load
  • 100 Comp
  • Approved for USSSA, NSA,?ISA

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: great pop, very powerful, large sweet spot, very durable
  • Cons: it may take a while to break it in

8. DeMarini ONE OG slowpitch Softball Bat – The feeling of a one-piece

DeMarini ONE OG slowpitch softball bat reviewAlthough you can find the DeMarini Flipper OG at a lower price we think that the ONE OG model, although it is a bit pricey, deserves a place in our list and you will see why.

Previously known as Sunday Swagger Bat, the ONE OG promises to deliver great performance no matter the conditions. It is approved for play in ASA, USSSA, NSA, and ISF and you can find the bat at different weights from 26 to 29 ounces.

The Marini ONE OG slowpitch softball bat has a two-piece hybrid design made from composite and alloy and for the one-piece lovers, you will get the feeling that you are actually swinging a one-piece bat. How cool is that?

The 13-inch barrel made from composite, called S.ONE, was specially designed for maximum stiffness and explosive performance at the plate.

One of the best upgrades that DeMarini could have for this model is the Dish End Cap at the end of the handle which provides even more stiffness when hitting and allows for more energy to be transferred back towards the sweet spot.

Talking about the handle, this one is made from ZnX alloy providing even more durability. It has the power to decrease the flex off the barrel, thus increasing the overall barrel performance.


  • 13-inch S.ONE Composite Barrel
  • ZnX Alloy Handle
  • Dish End Cap

PS: “don’t let the grip falling off keep you from ordering the bat” – customer review

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: powerful bat, great sweet spot, lots of pop
  • Cons: you need to break it in, maybe some lizard skin will help

9. DeMarini 2018 Steel ASA/USSSA – Best slowpitch softball bat for durability

DeMarini 2018 Steel ASA/USSSA slowpitch bat reviewHave you ever wondered why the DeMarini Steel is such a popular bat? Some say is due to its barrel, but not only. Let’s see why this slowpitch softball bat is so well-known among softball players.

First of all if you’re familiar with the 2016 model then you have to know that there is no big difference between the old one and the 2018.

Aside from the visual design, the 2018 De Marini steel is a bit heavier, from .50 to .75 ounces. So is not a big difference and if you can find the older model for a discount we encourage you to go for it.

The same thing we can say about the pop and the overall feel which is almost alike. Both of them are using carburized steel which is to our knowledge a heat treated steel only used for DeMarini bats. The benefits you get out of this process is the extremely durable barrel which is pretty important when hitting a soft ASA softball.

Both of them provide an end loaded feel and enhanced power through the hitting zone. It is a two-piece softball bat made with a single wall barrel which is super hard. The steel barrel connects to the ZNX alloy handle and considering the fact that the handle is thinner and more flexible you will get more performance during contact.

Don’t worry, you won’t feel any vibration due to the two-piece construction, more than this you can enjoy more comfort while swinging with the RCK rounded knob.


  • 2 1/4 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • 12-inch Barrel
  • Carburized Seamless Drawn Steel
  • ZnX Alloy Handle
  • Single Wall Barrel
  • Made in the USA
  • Approved For Play In ASA, USSSA, NSA, & ISA

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: solid feel, extreme durability, increased stiffness, awesome pop
  • Cons: none

10. Louisville Slugger Solo Z16 USSSA Power Load slowpitch bat – Great bat for the price

Louisville Slugger Solo Z 16 USSSA Power Load reviewIntroducing the Louisville Slugger Solo Z16 made of one piece composite construction. This bat features a stiff handle, a 12-inch barrel and a Grit Blast finish.

The handle is very stiff and allows for great feedback on contact. Although the barrel is pretty large, the sweet spot starts very small and you have to be patient and give it time to loosen up.

This slowpitch bat is well balanced and fast through the zone and allows for a smooth, controlled swing. The grip on Solo Z is fairly thick and cushion like, it is very comfortable in the hands but there are some questions about its durability.

So, if you are facing a very humid day you might have some problems with the grip but you can also take it off, or replace it.

The Louisville Slugger Solo Z 16 is very accessible and you can also find it on Amazon. It is approved for play in USSSA, NSA, and ISA, and promises to deliver great performance for the price.

Comparing it to the Easton Ronin 1-Piece we can say The Louisville Slugger Solo Z 16 is one of the best slowpitch softball bats on the market.


  • 100% Composite Construction
  • 2 1/4 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • 12-inch barrel length
  • High gloss finish
  • Balanced Swing Weight

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: great pop on the sweet spot, well balanced, great feedback
  • Cons: small sweet spot, requires some time to get it started

Slowpitch softball bats FAQ and Buying Guide

Slowpitch softball bats FAQ and Buying Guide

Basic info about slowpitch softball bats

In terms of length and weight, slowpitch bats have a 2 1/4-inch barrel diameter and most of them come in 34-inch length and weight between 26oz and 30oz. The materials they are made of are aluminum, wood, composite, half and half and can be used both by male and female players. The governing bodies for slowpitch softball bats are ASA, USSSA, ISA, NSA, and Senior Softball.

How do I find the right slowpitch bat for me?

If we are talking about slowpitch softball bats it all comes to buyer’s preferences as there are no size charts or guidelines to follow unlike fastpitch bats or baseball bats. Before choosing your slowpitch bat you have to take into consideration the weight and size that fit you and make sure your bat is approved for the league you play in.

What is the best slowpitch softball bat on the market?

If you took the time to read our review article you would find that a good softball bat also comes at a fair price. So, without trying to force you to buy one bat or another we tried to list the best slowpitch bats at the beginning of our article. So if you want to make a good investment our advice would be to go for the Miken DC-41 SuperMax or the Easton Ghost Double Barrel and our third option would be the DeMarini Steel 2018.

What is the difference between one-piece softball bats and two-piece softball bats?

The one-piece slowpitch bats are using the same material for the whole body of the bat and with them you will get a stiffer feel and less flex which is preferred by power hitters. The two-piece bats offer more flex and are made from a handle and a barrel bound together. The latter has less vibration and create a trampoline effect off the barrel.

What materials are slowpitch bats made of?

Slowpitch softball bats materials

Slowpitch softball bats can be hybrid, aluminum, alloy or composite bats. Alloy bats are more responsive than composite bats, they are stronger and have thinner walls. On the other hand, composite bats are made of graphite, carbon fiber and fiberglass and you have to know that some leagues will not allow composite bats. So, a good advice would be to check with your league before buying a composite bat.

What is the difference between single-wall slowpitch bats and multi-wall slowpitch bats?

Most of the softball bats are made with more barrel walls and generally have a more flex effect when hitting, are more durable and also they have thicker walls. Single-wall bats tend to have as much pop as the multi-walls bats and sometimes they are even better.

How do I know if my bat is balanced, end loaded, or a max loaded slowpitch bat?

Usually, you will find that most of the softball bats are balanced and they have an evenly distributed weight from the end cap to the knob. If you are a contact hitter and you like to control the bat better you will know that a balanced bat is perfect for you.

End loaded and max loaded bats have their weight concentrated to the end cap of the bat. The difference between them is that slowpitch max loaded bats have more weight at the end and both of them are preferred by power hitters that like to swing for the fences.

How do I take care of my slowpitch bat?

Take care of your slowpitch softball batA recommended way to avoid damaging your bat is to limit the use to one player. When you practice don’t use dimpled balls and if you’re swinging a wood bat make sure that you do it with the label facing toward you. This way you won’t have a prematurely broken bat.

Regarding temperature make sure you don’t use your bat with lower temperatures, mainly below 55?F. To avoid damage you can also check the manufacturer’s suggestion on the minimum temperature.

Do I need to break-in my slowpitch softball bat?

To answer this question you need to know what material your softball bat is made of. If you have an aluminum slowpitch bat you don’t have to break it in but we can’t say the same for the composite ones. Composite slowpitch bats require some break-in period and it is also important to rotate the bat on every swing to make sure you will the break it in evenly.

Can you use a wood bat in softball?

Any wood bat can improve a softball player’s game. As a softball player, you can improve your performance by training with a wood bat.

One way you do that is through discipline. You will be more conscious of your sweet spot with an aluminum bat if you train with the wood bat because it has a smaller sweet spot and will force you to correct your swings deficiencies.

Another great thing about training with wood bats is that they are heavier. When the time comes to swing the aluminum bat it will feel lighter, you will be able to control it better and also to swing it faster.

Can I use baseball gloves for softball?

Of course! You can use baseball gloves for softball but once broken in you won’t be able to use them for baseball. The way you break it in is by storing it with the softball in the pocket.

What is bat drop in softball?

The drop stands for the length to weight ratio. So, a -10 drop slowpitch bat has a length of 34 inches and weighs 24 ounces.

What size of softball do I need?

If you are a youth softball player you need a small ball which has a circumference of 11 inches and a diameter of 3.5 inches. All other players use a regular size softball which has a diameter of 3.8 inches and a circumference of 12 inches.

Top slowpitch bats conclusion