Best Softball Bats – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Softball BatsWe’ve put some serious work in our attempt to find the best softball bat on the market and we gathered valuable information both in the fastpitch and slowpitch field.

We hope that our reviews will help you decide when choosing a softball bat, but more than this we hope that after reading this article you will have less question and more confidence in your knowledge about softball bats.

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2019 Louisville Slugger Xeno fastpitch softball bat2019 Louisville Slugger Xeno fastpitch softball batCheck on Amazon
Miken DC-41 SuperMax ASA slowpitch softball bat2018 Miken DC-41 SuperMax ASA slowpitch softball batCheck on Amazon
2019 CF Zen Fastpitch Softball BatDeMarini – 2019 CF Zen Fastpitch Softball BatCheck on Amazon
2018 Miken DC-41 SuperMax USSSA slowpitch softball bat2018 Miken DC-41 SuperMax USSSA slowpitch softball batCheck on Amazon
Louisville Slugger PXT -10 fastpitch softball batLouisville Slugger PXT -10 fastpitch softball batCheck on Amazon
Miken Izzy Psycho Supermax USSSA slowpitch softball batMiken Izzy Psycho Supermax USSSA slowpitch softball batCheck on Amazon
DeMarini CFX -10 fastpitch softball bat2018 DeMarini CFX -10 fastpitch softball batCheck on Amazon
Easton Ronin 1 Piece USSSA/ASA Dual slowpitch softball batEaston Ronin 1 Piece USSSA/ASA Dual slowpitch softball batCheck on Amazon
Easton Women's Fast Pitch Ghost Softball Bat2018 Easton Women’s Fast Pitch Ghost Double 10 Barrel Softball BatCheck on Amazon
Miken Psycho Supermax USSSA slowpitch softball bat Miken Psycho Supermax USSSA slowpitch softball bat (1-Piece)Check on Amazon

1. 2019 Louisville Slugger Fastpitch Xeno – The best softball bat

Louisville Slugger Xeno reviewIn our research, we found out that the 2019 Louisville Slugger Xeno is one of the best softball bats out there and here is why.

First of all the Louisville Slugger Xeno seems to be among favorite fastpitch bats for many players. Most of them liked the sound of the bat and the stiffness when they hit the ball and that’s true for most power hitters because the bat allows more power transferred to the ball.

One noticeable aspect of this bat in comparison to the 2018 version was that this one has a lighter end cap. With this new feature, players can get a wider sweet spot and more control overall. As for the swing weight, the 2019 casino seems to be a little heavier than the average 32/22 fastpitch bats out there.

The 2019 Xeno comes in a drop 8, 9, 10 and 11 and as for the bat weight if you choose the 33-inch drop 9 Xeno then the weight will equal 24 ounces. As you know the drop of the bat is the difference between the length of the bat in inches and weight in ounces and here’s how you can find the weight for every bat you want to buy.

Moving on to the bat’s construction this is a two-piece fastpitch softball bat with a great feel due to its S1ID barrel and its IST connection piece. The 2019 Xeno features an ultralight X-Cap which seems to be a new addition with this model but we found out that the older model from 2018 also had this kind of cap or there might be some misunderstanding.

Anyway, will let the end cap for you to decide if it’s an important piece to think about when buying this baseball bat.

As a conclusion, if your power hitter and you like as much power transferred to the ball as possible and you prefer two-piece composite designs with a stiffer feel at the plate, then the 2019 Xeno might be the best softball bat for you.

  • Pros: great feel on contact, perfect sweet spot
  • Cons: not for those who don’t like stiffness when hitting, not for one-piece lovers

2. 2018 Miken DC-41 SuperMax ASA slowpitch softball bat – Best ASA Softball Bat

Miken DC-41 SuperMax ASA reviewBefore we start this review we think is important to point out that one of the best and most respected players out there, Denny Crine, said in one interview some time ago that the DC-41 is his favorite slowpitch softball bat of all-time.

With that in mind let’s start by saying that the DC-41 SuperMax ASA is designed to give you great mass behind your swing and a premium pop which will allow for reaching extreme distances when hitting the sweet spot.

This slowpitch softball bat is a three-piece 100% composite construction, made with 100 COMP premium aerospace grade fibers for extreme durability. It is a little bit different from the 2017 four-piece model and is only approved for play in an ASA, but don’t worry if you play in other leagues like USSSA you will also find a DC-41 for you from the same Miken.

If you’re still unsure if this is the best softball bat on the market you have to know that the DC-41 has been a constant for over five years and I’m sure they are ready to dominate this year too with their industry-leading technology and best-in-class composite.

  • Pros: designed to crush lower compression, premium pop, great design
  • Cons: only approved for ASA

3. DeMarini – 2019 CF Zen Fastpitch Softball Bat

2019 DeMarini CF Zen Fastpitch Softball BatThe new DeMarini CF Zen fastpitch softball bat is great for those who prefer light swinging bats. This 2019 model comes only in drop 10 and drop 11 so if you’re looking for something else you can go with a 2019 CF insane.

This baseball bat has been among the most wanted for younger players in the previous years so we assume that this year the 2019 DeMarini fastpitch softball bat will be a favorite Little League and High School bat.

The new model drop 10 it is a little lighter than the CF insane, and if you are not sure about the sizing that you need then you can go as well for the CF-XD which has an adjustable length with the help of a mechanism found in the knob.

More on the bat construction, this is a two-piece composite bat featuring a high tech connection point which removes the vibration from the barrel when hitting. The CF fastpitch softball bat has a 2 1/4-inch barrel legal for play in every league.

  • Pros: good feel on sweet spot hits, great durability and control
  • Cons: a little pricey

4. 2018 Miken DC-41 SuperMax USSSA slowpitch softball bat – Best USSSA Softball Bat

Miken DC-41 softball bat reviewIf you’re looking for the best slowpitch softball bat approved for USSSA then you can’t miss with this one. The Miken DC-41 SuperMax USSSA is one of the best-rated softball bats out there and also one of the most popular for 2018.

As with the Miken DC-41 SuperMax ASA this one also features 100 COMP aerospace grade materials for extreme durability, it has a 14-inch barrel length and with the new F2P – Flex 2 Power technology – you will get faster swing speed and an enhanced flex at the plate.

The 2018 SuperMax USSSA slowpitch softball bat features a full ounce end load for maximum power and comes in different weights from 26 to 30 ounces. With its popular durable construction, you will get 15% more performance right out of the wrapper due to the Tripple Matrix Core technology.

As a conclusion, if you are looking for the best Softball Bat with a great pop, little to no vibration and a strong construction then the SuperMax USSSA slowpitch softball bat is the one for you.

  • Pros: next level pop, extreme durability, no vibration
  • Cons: personally don’t like the orange color on the bat, other than this NO cons

5. Louisville Slugger PXT Fastpitch Softball Bat

Louisville Slugger PXT softball bat reviewIf one thing is clear that is the Louisville Slugger holds the spot for the best fastpitch softball bats ever created. In our review, we are introducing the Louisville Slugger’s PXT most advanced fastpitch softball bat which features advanced technology both for its design and construction. The new technology separates the bat from the competition in terms of performance and durability.

The bat delivers right out of the box great consistency, maximum pop and optimal performance during every swing. The PXT fastpitch softball bat features a composite barrel technology called PWR STAX which will make a true composite type sound on contact that you will love.

This softball bat will be a great choice for power hitters for its overall balanced swing weight and the end loaded power which is above Xeno and the LXT. This one is not just a beautifully designed product but also has the performance to back it up.

Although it is not meant for softer swinging players, as a power or average hitter you will reach greater distance comparing with the LXT and Xeno models. And if you’re wondering about the bat’s sting feel when hitting the ball, according to recent reviews players who tried it said you will get little to none with this one.

With a 100% fully composite design, a 2 1/4-inch barrel diameter and a Premium X-Grip handle, this three-piece fastpitch softball bat will take your play to the next level from its knob to the end cap with unbelievable executions.

  • Pros: outstanding power, little to no sting, awesome pop
  • Cons: needs a break-in time, not for soft swinging players

6. Miken Izzy Psycho Supermax USSSA slowpitch softball bat

Miken Izzy Psycho Supermax softball bat reviewAnother great choice in the slowpitch softball bats field and the budget-friendly one would be the Miken Izzy Psycho Supermax USSSA. The manufacturer has become a trend in creating softball bats which stiff handles which are great for power hitters due to their end loading.

The Psycho Supermax is made from 100 comp technology for greater durability, and its weights range from 26 ounces to 30 ounces. The bat length is 34 inches and most of the buyers are adult players, but even children tend to like it for its great softball experience.

Although some say that the quality of the pop is not that great, the Psycho Supermax USSSA promises to add distance to your hits (upwards of 50 feet). We have to say that it’s a matter of time until you breaking the softball bat, but you will certainly experience great performance during the game if you choose to buy this one.

The premium materials which makes this softball bat and its accessible price makes it one of the most wanted and one of the best softball bats out there. The bat is made in the USA and is well known for its durability and end loading. More than this it promises to give you a decent pop, with power and distance to your swing and you won’t even need to swing very hard as the bat does a lot of the work.

If you’re deciding to buy this slowpitch softball bat make sure you take the time to break it in and please be aware of the fact that this softball bat is not ASA approved.

  • Pros: great for power hitters, end loaded, accessible price
  • Cons: not the best pop out there, not ASA approved
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7. 2018 DeMarini CFX -10 Fastpitch Softball Bat – one of the most popular softball bats

DeMarini CFX -10 softball bat reviewIf you’re looking for the best fastpitch softball bat from DeMarini look no farther we’ve got the one for you. With a legendary design and a game-changing technology, DeMarini has been pushing the limits to the edge from the beginning of its history.

The drop 10 two-piece DeMarini CFX fastpitch softball bat features a fully composite construction, a great design, and is the lightest swinging bat popular among parents, players, coaches… you name it.

Some say you won’t even need a break in period with this softball bat. The pop and durability you will get is outstanding and you will definitely get what you pay for. With this fastpitch softball bat you will get the 2018 3-Fusion Technology System which promises to optimize weight, to enhance the durability of the bat and to reduce the sting in the hands. More than this the Paraflex Composite Parrel provides 22% stronger composite fibers and the half + half design will help dampen the negative feedback.

The DeMarini CFX -10 is perfect for the developing elite player from the end cap to the knob and also great for younger players who take the game seriously. As an example for the average 10-year-old this softball bat will be there to give that extra power needed.

  • Pros: great out of the wrapper, awesome pop, best all-around bat
  • Cons: none

8. Easton Ronin 1 Piece USSSA/ASA Dual slowpitch softball bat

Easton Ronin 1 Piece softball bat reviewLooking for a budget-friendly slowpitch softball bat? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Easton Ronin ASA/USSSA 1-Piece performs pretty well right out of the box. It is a cheap slowpitch softball bat that works in multiple leagues and which has great user ratings for a stiff single-piece aluminum alloy bat.

With this one you will get immediate impact feedback and also you will have an eye-catching softball bat to show off at the plate. The Easton Ronin 1 Piece has a fully composite construction made with IMX Advanced Composite Material to deliver great sweet spot and a decent flex in the barrel.

If you are wondering about the bat’s handle then you have to know that it has a 1.2 mm Hyperskin grip which enhances the overall feel and comfortability during the game. Also, with the 2-Piece CXN Zero Technology, the Easton Ronin ASA/USSSA promises to eliminate vibration and to drive the energy back to the barrel for an increase trampoline effect.

Although we stated that you will get great performance right out of the box you will be able to reach its maximum potential after some break-in time. It is also approved for play in ASA, ISF, USSSA, NSA and ISA.

I think that you can’t really ask more from a slowpitch softball bat at this price and your investment won’t be in vain if you decide to buy it. Also, we recommend Amazon before going elsewhere if you are looking for the best price on the market.

  • Pros: great feel on contact, less vibration, immediate impact after you break it in
  • Cons: takes some time to break in, you might want to add some Lizard Skin on the grip

9. 2018 Easton Women’s Fast Pitch Ghost Double 10 Barrel Softball Bat

2018 Easton Women's Fast Pitch Ghost Double 10 Barrel Softball Bat reviewThe 2018 Easton Ghost fastpitch softball bat features a new composite structure called XTX which stands for extra tough resin metrics. With this new technology, the barrel is constructed to give a lot of flex from the start and require no break-in period. The Easton ghost is hot right out of the wrapper and has a double wall which allows for great performance for a number of different pitch speeds. This softball bat is great for young players, and also from college players as it performs extraordinary well both at fast speeds and slow speeds.

Just like the Xeno with this one you will get a considerable barrel flex and the trampoline effect along with an inner barrel for the entire length of the bat. Even girls under the age of 13 will be able to swing this bat comfortably but a drop 10 and drop nine bats are more for older hitters that like the balanced softball bat. Just like the DeMarini CF series with the Easton Ghost fastpitch softball bat you will also get a huge sweet spot for serious deep contact across the barrel.

If you want a drop 10 one you need to know that you will get a more balanced feel from it and with the drop 9 the bat will be more end loaded. Another improvement Easton made is the CXN connection which provides a stiff feel at the plate and makes the barrel more compressible which translates into more power out of the barrel at contact.

  • Pros: great exit velocity, wider sweet spot, no break-in period
  • Cons: we couldn’t really find any

10. Miken Psycho Supermax USSSA slowpitch softball bat (1-Piece)

Miken Psycho Supermax softball bat reviewThis is a one-piece end loaded bomb designed for power hitters made to increase the moment of inertia with a full ounce end-load. The Miken Psycho SuperMax slowpitch softball bat will help you add more power when hitting with every swing with its 2 1/4-inch barrel diameter along with its innovative material design of 100% aerospace grade fiber.

Another important aspect of this softball bat is its durability. As opposed to other bats that tend to wear down through game usage, the Miken Psycho SuperMax features and new technology called 750X HPI which is based on a high-pressure infusion that allows the bat to maintain its strength and stiffness.

Overall this is the perfect slowpitch softball bat for if your power hitter out there which turns into a monster once you break it in. Be ready for a larger sweet spot than ever before, a great pop right out of the box and more power with every swing. Take about 100-200 swings with it with a regulation ball and you will see what the Miken Psycho SuperMax USSSA slowpitch softball bat is capable of.

  • Pros: awesome pop, extreme durability, nice feel and swing
  • Cons: takes a while to break it in

As we came to an end with our reviews for the best softball bats, I feel the need to mention that it’s up to your preferences to find the perfect softball bat for you and with this article we just want to give you a head start and to help you explore the market.

Best softball bats – The Buying Guide

Best softball bats buying guide

There is no single guide that can help you decide on the best softball bat you should choose either for you as a player or if you are a parent, for your kids. That’s why it is very important to go and make your research not just on one single softball review site but choose at least 10 resources and read through every one of them to check on information relevance and to see if there’s something you should be aware of before choosing your best bat. A good resource would be this.

More than your online research you should be aware of the feel you get back from your softball bat. The best way to test this is to try the bat before you buy it or at least go and read about softball bats reviews to see what other people are saying. Think about your height and the bat’s measurement and weight. Another important thing is the bat’s drop which can be a crucial factor when purchasing the best softball bat. Keep in mind that ASA or Amateur Softball Association of America only allows softball bats with drops that vary from 8 to 12.

Also if you are a strong hitter you should go for the drop 8 or 9 and hitters who specializes in solid singles are advised to use a drop 10 bat. Another factor you should think about when choosing your softball bat is the bat’s barrel and handle. Make your research about the trampoline effect that comes out of the barrel and check which one satisfies your needs. Also, keep an eye on what others say about the sweet spot and the sting that you get back in the hands after hitting.

The materials of which softball bats are made and also baseball bats may vary from composite, aluminum, or hybrid. For all these categories you will find different price tags, and each one will take a different break-in period, but as a general rule aluminum bats don’t require to be broken in before using. With composite bats, you will get a larger sweet spot, a decent pop and less sting on miss hits. Hybrid bats tend to cost a little more, they can be used in any season of the year and they also have almost the same vibration of the composite ones and a large sweet spot.

You can find alloy bats for reasonable prices and they may cost up to $300. The great thing about these bats is that they can be used at any temperature but tend to have a smaller sweet spot compared to others, also they may create more vibration after hitting.

As a parent, you should keep in mind that you don’t really need a very expensive bat for your children and you can find the best softball bat for your girl or boy at accessible prices, which can be also approved by certification programs. A safe move would be to go with the most popular brands out there like Louisville Slugger, DeMarini, or Easton and of course Miken softball bats which are very popular especially among children, well known for their “cool” design.

Softball bats FAQ

Best softball bats questionsWhat should I know before choosing the best softball bat for me?

1) Take into consideration the bat’s feel

This may be one of the most important factors as it is crucial the way you feel when hitting the ball and what control you have with your softball bat during the play.

2) Think about your league requirements

Every softball league is different from each other but generally, all softball bats require to have a 2 1/4-inch barrel diameter. Make sure you know your league requirements before buying a softball bat to avoid any surprises.

3) Softball bat length and weight

Depending on your type of player you must think about the bat’s weight and length, as strong hitters generally prefer heavier bats and small players like lighter bats to improve their speed. A good practice would be to test several bats before deciding to buy the best one and check their weights and lengths as well.

What is the best softball bat?

Although we are not telling you that our choices are the best, in the fastpitch space we would recommend those from Louisville Slugger and as for the slowpitch, one of your best choices may be the Miken DC-41 simply because they are popular and we found great reviews for them.

Do I have to break in my softball bat?

With every baseball or softball bat, depending on the construction material the bat should or shouldn’t be broken in. If the bat is a composite bat then you should break it in, however, most aluminum bats are hot right out of the box and don’t need a break-in period.

I have a negative number on my softball bat, what does it mean?

The negative number on your softball bat is your bats pop which stands for the link to weight ratio so if your bat weights 24 ounces and has a length of 32 inches then the number on the bat would be -8.

Can I play softball with a baseball bat?

We feel sad to tell you that it may be possible to play baseball with a softball bat but in most cases your bat with crack or break as it isn’t really designed to withstand the forces which come out of an impact with a baseball. This is also true if you are using your fastpitch softball bat in a slowpitch game.

Can I roll my softball bat to break it in faster?

The bat rolling process means that you take your softball bat and put it between two rollers and compress it and sometimes heat it. This process may accelerate the break-in period for your softball bat but be careful with this as you might lose your warranty certification from your manufacturer and you can also endanger other players. We strongly do not recommend that rolling with any softball or baseball bat.

Can boys play softball?

Although women are not calling baseball “softball” and for them it’s also “baseball”, it is conventional that the boys play baseball and that softball is for girls or women.

Which one is more heavy, softball or baseball?

A regulation softball weights more and is significantly larger than a regulation baseball. The baseball weights between 5 and 5.25 ounces and has a circumference between 9 and 9.25 inches and a regulation softball weights between 6.25 and 7 ounces and measures between 11.88 and 12.30 inches. Find more about characteristics of softball and baseball bats here.