junior baseball playerBest Youth Baseball Bats To Help Your Child Play Better…

Has your child’s hitting distance depleted over the course of time in the last couple of seasons?

Maybe it’s time for him to change his bat?

A good quality youth baseball bat will not only increase your kid’s average hitting distance but it will help him regain his confidence as well.

There is a wide range of youth baseball bats in the market which makes it difficult to find the best one out of them.

You don’t need to empty out your vault to purchase a good quality baseball bat for your kid but the key factor is that whether the bat is the right size to match the size of your kid.

Top 13 Best Youth Baseball Bats 2020

Here are some of the Top Baseball Bats for Youths that will surely turn out great for your kid without costing you too much.

1. Easton S500 Youth Baseball Bat

Combat Youth 2016 Maxum Big Barrel Senior League -10 Baseball Bat 25/15
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It’s the perfect lightweight bat for young kids. If you want your kid to be a great product without spending too much amount of money, this baseball bat is for you. S500 is one of the most famous bats in youth leagues. The main reason behind its popularity is that it’s made of 7050 Aircraft Alloy material.

Its drop-weight of -13 helps your kid to get a good bat swing which ultimately helps him in hitting the ball for a longer distance. A drop-weight of -13 is considered good for the kids of age below 10. So, if your kid comes in this age range, this baseball bat is perfectly suitable for him.

Easton S500 has a pro tack grip on the handle which lets your kid reduce the vibration and produce a comfortable feel. It comes with a barrel diameter of 2 1/inch which is the standard size for the kids of age below 12. Overall, it will be a good option if you really want your child to progress ahead in baseball.

2. Franklin Sports Teeball Youth Baseball Bat

Franklin Sports Venom Aluminum Official Youth Tee Ball Bat - USA Regulation Approved - Perfect for Soft Core T-Balls - 24 Inch/13 Ounce (-11) BlueClick For More Images

This youth baseball bat is USA baseball approved. It means that it meets all the baseball standards set by the USA and is verified for use in league play.

So if your child is looking to play in a league where the USA baseball standards will apply, you won’t need to change the bat just for the sake of getting on the same page with the standards.

Now, let’s talk about its features which let us put this bat in this Top 13 Best Youth Baseball Bats 2020 list.

It’s manufactured from aluminum alloy. The use of this durable material in this bat results in high performance and increased pop. These two are the foremost requirements in a baseball bat.

It is very lightweight as well at the same time which makes it easy for the kids to handle and swing it hard.

Its extra strong grip ensures that the small hands of your kid can easily swing it the way he wants. Its balanced weight distribution helps young guys in increasing their bat speed and smoothens their swing by a good amount.

Keep in mind that this bat is only designed for tee balls and won’t withstand the 100 mph balls. Still, it’s worth its price tag.

3. Rawlings Raptor Youth Baseball Bat

Rawlings 2019 Raptor USA Youth Baseball Bat, 27 inch (-10)Click For More Images

Rawlings Raptor Youth Baseball Bat is manufactured from a durable and responsive alloy which offers great balance and power with ease.

It has a drop-weight of -12 which is great for entry-level players of age below 10. It is designed for younger players to increase their bat speed and pop which ultimately improves their game.

It is approved under the 2018 USA baseball standard. Therefore, it will not cause any hindrance if your child opts to play in a baseball league.

It has a barrel of 2 1/4 inch which is perfect for young amateur players. A smooth swing is not far away for your child with an amazing baseball bat like this one.

Rawlings has been producing high-quality baseball products since 1887 and it knows how to manufacture a baseball bat that every kid adores. It will surely help your kid improve his overall baseball skills.

4. Easton S1 Youth Baseball Bat

Easton S1 Senior League Baseball Bat -10oz SL15S110 (29-Inch/19-Ounce)Click For More Images

Easton S1 is a little bit different kind of youth baseball bat. Unlike other bats, it has a two-piece built. Since Easton used the IMX composite material to manufacture this bat, it is expensive as well. But it surpasses all your expectations in the results and is no way a bad purchase.

They have patented their unique two-piece connexion technology so you won’t find a bat with a similar built anywhere else. It comes in two different sizes: 29 inches (19 Ounce) and 31 inches (21 Ounce). It gives you the flexibility to choose the suitably sized one for your kid based on his physical appearance.

Easton S1 has an ultra-thin composite handle with a diamond grip that provides a strong and comfortable feel in the hands. Its low moment of Inertia (M.O.I) helps your kid to handle the bat with ease.

It has a massive barrel that helps your kid to find the sweet spot more often and get the ball going on each hit. All these features of this bat make it possible for your child to hit the ball for long distances every time with a good bat swing and bat speed.

5. Rawlings VELO Hybrid Youth Baseball Bat

Rawlings 2019 Velo Hybrid USA Youth Baseball Bat (-10), 29 inch / 19 ozClick For More Images

This is one of the best youth baseball bats in its price range. It features a precision laser PoP 2.0 that removes volume from the inner barrel and increases its flexibility. Its comp-lite end cap ensures that your kid gets a good balance and generate a fast bat swing.

The drop-weight of this bat is -10 which is good for young newcomers. It’s manufactured from the acoustic alloy which is lightweight and produces a loud ping upon contact with the ball.

The stiff handle and flexible barrel of this bat accelerate upon contact and lets the ball travel a long distance on each hit. It comes in various different sizes.

No matter the age of your kid, you’ll certainly find the perfect size of Rawlings VELO Hybrid Youth Baseball Bat for him. Moreover, it’s USA baseball certified.

6. Marucci CAT7 Junior Big Barrel Baseball Bat

Marucci Cat7 Junior Big Barrel Baseball Bat, 25"/15 ozClick For More Images

Marucci Sports manufactured CAT7 to explode with unrelenting fury using AZ4X material. It provides increased strength and a very high response rate. The one more highlight feature of this youth baseball bat is its big sweet spot. Its sweet spot is twice the size of its predecessor CAT6.

Your kid will receive almost no negative vibrational feedback from this bat as it comes with a finely tuned harmonic dampening system in its anti-vibration knob for a better and comfortable feel.

This bat features a ring-free barrel technology that a great performance with absolutely no dead spots.

It features a one-piece alloy construction like most of the traditional baseball bats to get the real feel of the game. Its engineered barrel end improves the overall balance and swing speed of your child with not much hard work.

It has a barrel diameter of 2 3/4 inch which is big enough to connect the ball more often than not. Marucci Sports believes in its quality and offers a one year warranty for this product. Purchase this upgraded baseball bat and get ready to see your kid destroying the opponents.

7. Easton Aluminum XL3 Youth Baseball Bat

Easton YB17X311 Xl3 Aluminum 2 1/4" 11 Youth Baseball BatClick For More Images

The Easton Aluminum Bat was designed to give players a well-balanced bat with a raw hitting force and a quick swing speed. This is made from an HMX Hyperlite matrix alloy that makes it more durable. This has an extended barrel that provides a big sweet spot for hitting.

The diameter of the barrel is 2.25 inches with a drop weight of -11. This bat has a bigger drop weight that provides younger players to have wonderful bat swing and hit the ball harder than other bats.

This bat comes with a thinner handle with a perfect enhanced grip size for a softer feel that is suitable for younger players.

This is one of the top-rated youth baseball bats. Moreover, this bat is eligible for all major youth leagues and is the handy bat for any young player. The size of this bat is 31″/20 oz.

8. Combat Portent PG4 Youth Bat

Combat Youth 2016 Pg4 -12 Baseball Bat 31/19Click For More Images

This youth bat is made up of exclusive precision molding technology. The outer and inner diameter is so precise and accurate created by using computer-controlled tooling. This is 100% composite and the technology used in this bat uses a high-quality material that gives the bat a brilliant appearance, optimized its performance and enhances its durability.

The drop weight of this bat is -12 means this is lightweight that provides the quicker bat swing which helps the player to hit the bowl harder. It has a huge sweet spot. It is made up of a single piece with variable stiffness.

It has a thin handle and the grip is made up of premium lizard skin which makes it more comfortable for youth players.

The reason behind its positive feedback is its extremely balanced swing weight. It is also one of the approved bats in every major youth tournament.

9. Louisville Slugger Omaha 518 Youth Bat

Best Youth Baseball Bat Louisville Slugger 2018 USA Baseball Bat Omaha 30 Inch 20 ozClick For More Images

It is one of the best rated USA bats. It is almost peerless if you compare its value and features. It has a single-piece aluminum design featuring ST 701 alloy. The drop weight of this bat is -10 that makes it lightweight and offers a great balanced swing and helps in hitting the bowl harder.

The handle and the barrel are joint with a special dynamic socket connection means it provides a resembling whip to the bat while swinging hard. The handle of the bat is wrapped with ultra-premium lizard skin grip which makes it more comfortable and easy to control.

It is an excellent amateur entry-level bat specially crafted for younger players. It comes with an affordable price tag. This bat is approved in almost every major youth leagues of the USA. The size of this bat is 30″/ 20 oz.

10. Easton MAKO Composite Youth Baseball Bat

Easton MAKO COMPOSITE Youth Baseball BatClick For More Images

This bat is made up of a Thermo composite technology with two pieces of a patented material from top to bottom. The design of this bat is very advanced. It is light in weight that means it is good for younger players.

The drop weight of this bat is -11 to -19 which provides it a great swing. Another good thing about this bat is that it has a huge sweet spot. The material used in this bat gives incredible transfer of energy which helps in eliminating the vibration when the bat hits the ball.

The advanced grip design the mako”Torq” helps the younger player to grip it better while swinging hard.

The two-piece composite technology (CXN technology) helps in reducing the sting on a young player’s hand when the ball hits the bat other than the sweet spot or mishit.

11. Louisville Slugger Omaha 516 Youth Baseball Bat

Louisville Slugger YBAR152 Youth 2015 Armor (-12) Baseball Bat, 29 inch/17 ozClick For More Images

If you like to hit the ball hard with a stiff bat then this is one of the best bats you would prefer. This single piece bat is completely crafted with a 7U1 alloy design. It has a thin barrel wall which makes it easy to find the huge sweet spot.

As it is completely made up of alloy, the barrel is having a flex which allows the player to hit the ball much farther without using much energy.

This bat is known for its amazing balance which helps the younger players to have proper control while swinging. The drop weight of -12 makes it extremely lightweight.

This slugger bat has ultimate lizard skin grip which makes it easier and feels comfortable to hold the bat.

This bat is nearly perfect for amateur players, even if you are not an accurate hitter of the ball your chances of scoring more home runs are getting higher due to its easy to find the sweet spot. The size of this bat is 28″/16oz.

12. 2015 Rip-It Air Elite Baseball Bat

RIP-IT 2014 BBCOR AIR Elite Baseball Bat, 32-Inch/29-OunceClick For More Images

Rip-It AIR elite is one of the best selling bats in the baseball bat industry. This bat is constructed with a two-piece hybrid design in which the handle is made up of composite material and the barrel is crafted with aluminum alloy.

This bat has the Rifle Barrel Technology. The R3 composite handle gives this bat a very strong feel by reducing the vibration to the hands and redirecting that energy back to the sweet spot for an incredible trampoline effect.

The ultra-thin barrel walls of this bat make it lightweight which makes it easy for youths to swing with good balance.

The advanced three-layer design contact grip on this bat reduced the vibration and string and keep your hands feel softer and more comfortable. the ultra-low MOI improved the control of this bat.

It comes with 400 days manufacturer’s warranty which makes it a more reliable bat option.

13. Louisville Slugger Youth Catalyst Baseball Bat

Best Youth Baseball Bat - Louisville Slugger YBCT152 Youth 2015 Catalyst (-12) Baseball Bat, 31 inch/19 ozClick For More Images

This bat is made up of C1C composite material with a tough epoxy resin layer which increases its performance and durability. The drop weight of -12 makes it lightweight that keeps the bat perfectly fit and balance in your hands.

The lower tip of the bat is covered with Louisville Slugger Endcap that absorbs all the vibration. The barrel of this bat is long and smooth. It has tapers handle that is designed to fit comfortably in your kid’s hands. The grip of this bat is made up of synthetic leather which makes young kids feel softer while swinging the bat harder.

If you are looking for a bat for your kid that gives maximum value, better performance, and help the child to improve their game then you should try this stunning bat once.

It is an attractively designed bat with blue, black, and white color combination and iconic logo.

This catalyst beast is approved to play in youth baseball tournaments. This is available in variable sizes- 29″/17 oz, 31″/19 oz, 32″/20 oz.


A baseball bat can improve your game and it can deteriorate it completely as well. There are plenty of high-quality baseball bats in the market that guarantees to boost your game but you should keep note that they won’t be good for everyone.

It depends upon the size and physique of a player what size and shape of a baseball bat will suit him.

Make sure you get enough knowledge about what kind of baseball bat will be suitable for your child before purchasing one.

The top 13 youth baseball bats mentioned in this article made this list after thorough research of all the important aspects of a baseball bat.

They are the best ones on Amazon.com. Don’t forget to leave a comment if your kid already owns any of them. You can also ask your questions and we will be more than happy to assist you in case you’re planning to buy a new youth baseball bat.